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  • greg - It was all worth it

    I was going to send my two kids to college but I knew I had to do what was best for my family so I got this beast instead. I'm fairly positive my wife will end up coming back, I'm sure she'll realize how unreasonable she was being. Marriage for 20 years or a tv thats 85 inches? Last time I checked, 85 is bigger than 20.

  • Joseph Rose - Very Well Done and Perhaps Even Helpful to Some

    Good quality and all that, but the exercises did not help me in the least. In fact, I felt more pain after a week or more doing them. I stopped, and my pain slowly went away on its own. I'm sure, however, that this set of DVDs can and will be useful to others. Like other medical approaches, one size does not always fit all.

  • J. B. Tait - Clearing up a misconception: The Mold is Dead.

    I was tempted to make this a one star review for a 5 star product so it would show in the One Star category where there are complaints based on a misconception. This product is wonderful for killing mold down to the roots, but you might not see the results immediately. You may not realize how well it worked until you've waited to see that the mold didn't come back, as it often does with bleach, Lysol, and other products. The mold is dead even if the stain does not go away. Any stain that remains is the dead bodies of the mold. On smooth surfaces, scrub the stain away. On porous surfaces, after a day or so to let the Concrobium finish killing it, you can bleach the stain with a product such as Clorox or Tilex.