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  • E. Trout - Great Product!

    Really helpful product. I used to hold the polish bottle and frequently spilled some. Not, I just put the bottle in this great little holder and slip it on my fingers. Can't believe someone didn't think of this earlier!

  • Tara E. Acuna - delicious!

    I love these sauces and have learned to depend in them for quick delicious & healthy meals! I add this one to sauteed onions, chicken &with black beans.

  • H. Cannon - I'm a fan...

    Great stuff! I bought it on the advice it might help the psoriasis I've had for decades. I got moderate results... thus encourage I kept using it. Combined it with Acetyl L-Carnatine caps and my psoriasis disappeared almost overnight. Miraculous to me. I take a maintenance dose now. Amazing Herbs BSO is very high quality.

  • Joseph Asson - Best Valve Oil Period

    've used Al Cass for 15 years now. The oil is simply the best. When I've run out or forgotten my oil and had to use a friends, it just wasn't the same. The others, like blue juice, work but not for as long and aren't as smooth.

  • Jeffrey D Borgholthaus - This 2016 version is not nearly as beautiful as the 2015 star

    This 2016 version is not nearly as beautiful as the 2015 star. The glass is dull and does not refract the light with the brilliance of the 2015 model. I purchased two, and they are both the same. While pretty, they pale in comparison to last year's star. Kind of disappointed. It is like the glass was cut, but then not polished.