Chronic Pain Management Clinic in Kenner, LA | Accurate Clinic: Home - We specialize in chronic pain management through opiates and non-opiates. We also offer urgent care services, weight loss programs, Botox & NLAL Lipolysis.

  • Patient Reviews of Accurate Clinic of Kenner - Accurate Clinic of Kenner strives to provide the highest quality care for those seeking chronic pain relief. Read some of our patients' reviews of us here.
  • Chronic Pain Management Through Opiates | Accurate Clinic of Kenner - Our opioid chronic pain management program is a multi-disciplinary, integrative approach to managing pain inadequately controlled by non-opioid medications.
  • Non-Opiate Chronic Pain Management | Accurate Clinic of Kenner - Our non-opiate chronic pain management program is a multi-disciplinary approach to managing pain without the use of potentially addictive medications.
  • Personalized, Effective Weight Loss Programs | Accurate Clinic - Through the use of genetic testing, we can create an individualized diet plan for you that will facilitate the most effective and efficient weight loss.
  • NLAL Lipolysis Treatments | Accurate Clinic of Kenner - Our NLAL Lipolysis treatments allow us to quickly, safely & painlessly target the loss of fat, mobilizing 300-1200 calories in each twenty-minute session.
  • Opiate Addiction Recovery Program | Accurate Clinic of Kenner - We provide a multidisciplinary, integrative approach to opiate addiction that is individualized to the needs and financial constraints of our patients.
  • Smoking Cessation Programs | Accurate Clinic of Kenner - We know that quitting smoking is difficult for most people. So we offer multiple means of assisting those ready to quit including medication and counseling.
  • Botox, Dermal Fillers & Hair Removal | Accurate Clinic of Kenner - Our aesthetic treatments include Botox, dermal fillers, hair removal, age spot removal, spider vein removal & skin rejuvenation. Botox Special: $10/unit.
  • Physical Therapy Services | Accurate Clinic of Kenner - Our physical therapy services can help individuals with acute injuries and chronic pain to recover & improve function. We also offer trigger point therapy.
  • Kenner Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic | Accurate Clinic - We are an urgent care walk-in clinic and can provide treatment for those with a flu, bronchitis, viral illness, urinary infections, minor injuries & more.
  • Medical Genetics Services | Accurate Clinic of Kenner - Medical genetics can help provide numerous insights into the management of chronic pain, weight loss, exercise, psychiatric health & cardiovascular wellness.
  • Medical Nutrition Services | Accurate Clinic of Kenner, LA - Our registered dietitian provides medical nutrition counseling to patients enrolled in all of our medical programs including weight loss and chronic pain.

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