www.acelon.com.tw Nylon Yarn, Filament Yarn Manufacturer - Acelon - The nylon6 filament yarn is offered by Acelon, a Taiwan based supplier of quality textile materials. The nylon yarn is ideal for knitting and weaving industry.

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  • Michelle T. - Easily Absorbed

    I was using a different brand of progesterone cream prior to changing to Natural Woman. What I was originally using worked great, but it didn't absorb and massage into my skin very well - left a waxy residue that ended up "rolling" off my skin. Natural Woman has a much higher dosage and is absorbed by my skin much better. No weird residue. Plus, it has no fragrance that I have been able to detect. Love it!

  • Charlotte Gurley - The company is great. For my daughter

    The company is great. For my daughter, it didn't work. My daughter has ADD, and is not on any medication. We give her vitamins and watches what she eats. These vitamins made her ADD worse. Going back to the old ones.

  • A. Noyer - Honest real person review (not seller)

    It works user - NOT seller. Hoping to add a truthful review to the pile of biased reviews either way.

  • Todd C. Steen - Top shelf Motherboard for fanatics

    This is my second Rampage board. I owned the board version IV previous to this. The board gives you every option you could want when overclocking. That is what this board is precisely for, overclocking. You will find boards, less expensive that have many options, but not quite what this can do for you. This is my 10th MB from ASUS and I have only had to RMA once. I am becoming a regular fan of the products from a quality standpoint.

  • Darcey Y. Derosa - Kinky curly custard- the most awesome product ever!

    This stuff is the best curl defining product ever! I only needed to use a little to get the effects I wanted. I am no longer a product junkie, going from one product to the next. I give this product the highest amount of stars I can. I will continue buying this product and knot today with it.

  • KORI K. - Vanilla is the only flavor he drinks and to make it taste even better he drinks it with a Got Milk

    My 5 year old son's doctor suggested he drink these shakes daily for added nutrition. Vanilla is the only flavor he drinks and to make it taste even better he drinks it with a Got Milk? Magic Milk Straw flavored cookies and cream.

  • Mercy - I love it, I contnued buy kenso by elefant HERE

    Thanks you for have This perfum in Amazon !! I Good price, The fragrance is original and smell delicious and good price,smell to cinnamon, cloves , pumpkin, musk !!! I love it,