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  • A. May - Geat prodcut

    My hairstylist recommended this product to me. She also happens to be one of my closest friends so she took me to the beauty supply store and i was able to get it for half the price. This product is not going to give you amazing thick hair and it may not regrow hair either but i believe it helps prevent hair loss and it also makes your hair feel fuller and thicker. I don't have any major bald spots but my hair is very thin and fine and i lose a lot in the shower. Maybe because i don't have any major bald areas i haven't noticed any hair regrowth, Overall i love the way this shampoo makes my hair feel and look. i have also noticed less hair loss in the shower.

  • John Dy - Meh?

    The bags and system seem nice, but it doesn't seem to seal fully. Came back to them a few days later and the vacuum pressure was gone. Not a huge problem as I'm just packing up blankets and winter things, and really just looking to keep the bugs out. All and all, not going to return it, as they work for what I need them for. If your looking for a long tern vacuum seal may want to drop a couple dollars for a more reliable bag.

  • Jami Skinner - Dont buy this it's not brookstone sand

    This is not brookstone sand. It's just kinetic sand and they put it in a cheap plastic bag, then charged the price of brookstone sand. I don't appreciate being deceived.

  • John L McLaughlin - Outstanding Finish to a great series

    Couldn't put it down. Read it cover to cover. Fast paced with a few twists thrown in for good measure. Can't wait for next book.

  • Valley - I feel great!!!

    I haven't felt this good in years. I have to admit, when I read that Dr. Hymans 10 Day Detox is endorsed by Dr. Oz I was sceptical as I am of anything involving Dr. Oz but boy was I wrong. I feel great. This is a natural, super easy way to get your body back in balance. I no longer crave sugar or bread and I've lost 13 pounds in 10 days. The people complaining that it is too expensive probably spend an equal amount on junk food without batting an eye. I bought all my supplements on my own but when they run out I will certainly purchase directly from Dr. Hymans site. I am allergic to fish so I was concerned about fish oil being in the supplements. After contacting the company I think I have that figured out.

  • Kmama1 - Pretty good ...

    These aren't as amazing as I expected but I do like them a lot. I got them where there was a good deal so I'm happy with the price I paid. They do stick though say if you're making a fried egg, if you don't have something to help it from sticking it will stick. I have one that for some reason has weird stains on it but my water is horrible here so it could be that. For the price I paid I'm happy, but I wouldn't pay full price for them.

  • Wendy Cabrera - Didn't work for me

    Maybe I need to purchase more? Because I've used the whole thing and I see no difference. I used it twice a day for over a month and nothing