A Couple of Catholics - Faith, intentional living and marriage. - A Catholic blog about faith, intentional living and the joys and struggles of married life. Written by Patrick and Nicole Padley.

  • https://acoupleofcatholics.com/about/ About Us - A Couple of Catholics - Hi, we are Patrick and Nicole Padley. Welcome! After meeting in our parish priest’s backyard, we soon began dating. First came love, then came blogging, an
  • https://acoupleofcatholics.com/blog/2016/07/25/contraception-guys-perspective/ Why I Don't Use Contraception: A Man’s Perspective - Why I don’t use contraception, despite 78% of Catholics disagreeing with the Church’s teaching on contraception. NFP all the way!
  • https://acoupleofcatholics.com/blog/2016/07/02/expecting-more-than-i-deserve/ Expecting More from God - The Lord does not owe us anything. Yet, He wants to give us everything. Now if only we could muster up the courage to ask.
  • https://acoupleofcatholics.com/blog/2016/05/24/were-now-a-family-of-4-watch-our-second-a-day-video/ We're Now a Family of 4 – Watch Our Second a Day Video - We are thrilled to announce our newest little blessing! Watch our second a day video.
  • https://acoupleofcatholics.com/blog/2016/05/06/lessons-mom/ The Greatest Lesson I Learned From My Mom - Among the lessons my mom taught me, one thing stands out above all the rest. It's a simple gesture that can change an entire perspective.

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  • Framerqueen, Mom and Gramma - Now I know

    An interesting collection of information - even a little story about my own state, Alabama. A quick read. I recommend the newsletter, "Now I Know", which is how I know about this book!

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    My 2002 Pontiac Grand Am was leaking water from cylinder one. It was leaking internally and externally. Water was present on engine oil. This Blue Devil stuff did the job, no more white smoke and water coming out of the tail pipe.

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  • Steven Massey - Good buy

    Really like this mirror. The only downfall is that I can't seem to get it to stay in one place on my seat. I move it to the perfect place and then it always tends to slide down so I constantly have to readjust it. And I've tightened as tight as I can on the back of the head rest.

  • Mike - Impossible to clean

    Bought two set, one for my Pick Up and one for my Mustang. The order form asked what cars they were going in. The Mustang set didn't fit (no hole) and are really hard to clean and the pick up set fits good but are impossible to clean. Always dirt left even using a power washer. I would have been better of with a cheap set for $20 instead of over a $100.00. Oh well live and learn.

  • Amazon Customer - I was so disappointed with the contents after hoping to get the original

    People of our age have prior experience with Sayman salve. This new offering has neither the aroma or color to be passed off as an original healing ointment. I was so disappointed with the contents after hoping to get the original.

  • Andhy Muro - Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves-but it doesn't have to be at ...

    The Day of the Dead is a historically significant holiday in Mexico. Wearing this costume exploited elements of that culture without actually acknowledging its history and its rich meaning. This costume reduces a complex tradition into a flimsy outfit for one-time use.