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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Eugene - needs more RAM

    I've had the phone for one year. It was ok, but recently I updated the phone to Android 4.1.1 (I got the update from blu support) and since then the phone is running at max memory capacity, no RAM left for applications. I open an application and it just goes away, the operating system closes it. Blu support wants me to ship the phone to them to re install the original operating system and charges $25.

  • James G - This will make a nice addition to my garage

    My fingers can support my 190lb body when I'm doing pull-ups and hold 300lbs when I'm doing deadlifts at the gym, but spraying several cans of paint proved to be more than they could handle. This will make a nice addition to my garage, and is absolutely necessary if your project involves spraying more than a couple cans of paint.

  • Margaret Schuyler - get a good strength and cardiac workout

    We bought this chair from Costco to help my wife, who is disabled from rheumatoid arthritis, get a good strength and cardiac workout. I didn't plan on using it since I have several workout routines for strength and cardiac. We both recently retired and my wife has used the chair with the DVD 35 minute workout on a daily basis for the past month. She loves it! It gives her a total body workout that perfectly accommodates her limitations due to joint damage. I have since started using it and have found it to be an excellent addition to my free-weight strength training. Since we are retired we are traveling a lot and we take it with us. I take it into the motel and we use it in the motel room. This is a great system!

  • mckee21 - Doesn't work with hybrid cases if you use those

    Bought 2 of these because of the great reviews. I am returning both back today. IF you don't use a hybrid case for a holster (half silicone/rubber and plastic) then these chargers will work great for you. In order for it to work for me, I have to take off the back of the plastic case and I can leave the rubber one on and it then it will charge. If you use a thin case, then you won't have a problem. But by me taking the case on and off each time, the plastic part will end up breaking. I like the case I have because of protecting my new S7. I do have a mini Samsung charger that works with the cases with no problem so I reordered one of those to replace this.