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  • http://acucareclinic.com/2015/08/12/acupuncture-for-seasonal-allergy-relief/ Acupuncture For Seasonal Allergy Relief - AcuCare | AcuCare - Medicine often doesn't fully relieve symptoms for allergies. Fortunately, there is an alternative for seasonal allergy relief - acupuncture.
  • http://acucareclinic.com/2013/04/08/why-do-you-use-needles-to-stimulate-acupuncture-points/ Why do you use needles to stimulate acupuncture points? - AcuCare | AcuCare - There are a multitude of ways to stimulate acupuncture points. Finger pressure (or acupressure), warmth, cold, massage, tapping or percussion, electrical stimulation, application of stimulating herbals, etc. and they all work quite well when performed properly.
  • http://acucareclinic.com/2013/03/31/relief-for-the-weekend-warriors-acute-and-traumatic-injuries/ Relief for the weekend warrior's acute and traumatic injuries - AcuCare | AcuCare - Acupuncture and herbal medicine have a very long history of treating acute and traumatic injuries of the joints and muscles. This type of treatment was referred to in ancient times as “Dit Da” medicine or “Hit Fall” medicine.

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  • brandi - Amazing Amino/Bcaa combo!!

    I was sent this product to test and review. What I really like about this supplement is that it has both the Amino Acids and the BCAA's which is important for protein synthesis and energy. Also I like how tastes as well. When I started taking this I noticed more energy, and a better recovery time as well. Also this supplement mixes well too. I would recommend MuscleTech Myobuild 4x Amino-BCAA to anyone who wants a faster recovery time in between workouts. I'm completely satisfied with this supplement and will be using it again soon.

  • futuristic - It seems to work

    I've been using this product for a few years. It seems to work, because I see little hairs grow in between the longer ones around my face, which is where I use the product. I don't use it religiously and when I use it, only once a day. Its just too much work to do it twice a day. I do see a difference when I don't use it for a couple of weeks because was travelling. So, I'll keeep on using it.

  • Jackie Mask - I did not want to use chemicals on a daily basis with his hair and this was the perfect solution. It smells great and is not che

    Bought this product when there was a lice outbreak at our child's school. I did not want to use chemicals on a daily basis with his hair and this was the perfect solution. It smells great and is not chemical based. My child did not come home with lice at all. We also use it when as a body spray when he has been outside for too long and smells like "outside". Just a quick spray and good as new!

  • dragonfly - scam artists

    Ordered the magicjack plus and received it in good time. Read the instructions which said to plug it into the computer and after the software is downloaded to follow the instructions on the screen to register it so I could use it. The download went fine but nothing showed up on the screen. I then contacted the 'magicjack experts' via the internet and told them my tale of woe at which time the 'expert' on the other end said that he must have more information and he would get right to work on it. And, by the way the charge for helping to get THEIR product registered so that I could use it would be $38.00. I promptly signed off and decided that I didn't care for the ethics of the company and decided to send it back. As with most companies with lower standards, trying to find an address to send it back to is another task. I tried the web address that magicjack has in their information and the answer came back that it didn't exist. They can hide, but they will be found.

  • Sleeper - Great - What A Time Saver!

    I was really un-sure at first about this software because I have been using XP software and Quicken 2004 and I was afraid I would loose all my data when I switched over. NO NEED TO WORRY! When I started the software it asked me a few questions then proceeded to download my info back to the first of the year. Now I figured out that I do not have to enter anything. Every time it is started it will download my transactions then all I need to do is verify the download. Perfect because if I lose a receipt it will find the transaction for me and automatically enter it to the correct account!

  • pruismom - Love these doors

    The price had me worried they wouldn't be very nice. It did take a little longer to put on as my bolts from the factory were really hard to loosen. Also took a little to get the doors adjusted just right to fit correctly. These doors have made a huge difference when on the trail.

  • Lolly - it took a while before I actually enjoyed the taste of this stuff

    I have been drinking 1-1.5 TBSP every evening mixed in black tea for about 6 months. I won't lie, it took a while before I actually enjoyed the taste of this stuff. I drink it for the health benefits and not for the taste. It has improved my hair/nails (strength & growth), cured my athletes foot and dry skin, resolved my shoulder pain and "re-set" my gi tract. DE is gold in my book!