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  • R. Guevara - Great Antivirus

    I used Norton AV since many years ago, always exceeds my expectations, about performance, speed and quality, including the customer support services, because, when I have issues the person who has helped me, always finishes it's job and very well done. The goal is satisfied customers.

  • Rocky - This product plain and simple works great!

    This product simply works great! I have used it for over 5 months and not only has it cured my bad breath, my teeth stay cleaner too. There was no side effects. You have to use this product in conjunction with flossing and daily brushing. I have tried a lot of bad breath remedies and this is the only product that gave me the confidence to talk to people close up.. Thanks so much for a product that really works.. I'll be a life time customer...

  • Rebecca Wallace - They are so light

    Overall, these are the best set of Bluetooth headphones I have used. I have used several wireless headphones.during the past few days in search of the perfect pair, and these headphones certainly achieve the best value for its price point. They are so light that you almost don?t notice them, which coupled with the fit enables them to be an ideal product to workout in.

  • Mark M, - So far everything is great. Some reviews said there was an odor

    So far everything is great. Some reviews said there was an odor. This unit does not produce any odor. Very quite, it might have a cooling fan but if it does, there is no noise. With one 23" computer and a few other items plugged in, it appears to draw about 60w peak and the unit indicates that it will have power for about 2 hours.

  • Dianne Fernandez - Bed Bug Killer WOW

    It worked great! I bought 2 gallons (I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was) but the first one did the job. I highly recommend this product. I've heard from other people that they had an exterminator out and it took several visits before the problem was taken care of. This product did it the first time! It beats the price of an exterminator.

  • Bradley Cruise - Great router! 3 minute setup is a fact...I've owned most of the common routers and love this one.

    3 minute setup is TRUE!!! I've owned most of the common routers such as Netgear, Linksys, etc. In fact, I have two networks in my house and one is still on Linksys. I bought this to run a second network for video cameras that need wifi and didn't want to clog my Linksys up. Wow am I impressed!!! When the Linksys goes down I'll replace it with an Almond. Super easy to setup, it's all on the screen on the router so no clunky connecting it to a computer first or having to go to a configure screen. This thing was literally up and running my cameras (and since have added some Chromecast and Amazon fires to it as well). Works great, easy to use and has a lot of features that would be cool around home automation but I am not using those yet.

  • Alberto Horper - The playlist is packed with great tracks with a bunch more available in the eShop ...

    Have a house full of dancers professional and aspiring and we're having a blast. The online integration and multiplayer is seemless and smooth. The playlist is packed with great tracks with a bunch more available in the eShop for download.