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  • Marbet Bradshaw - Finally a Good Hoyle

    I had stopped purchasing Hoyle games for a few years seems like I had all kinds of problems with it. Was not

  • Stacey Magdaleno - Very helpful

    Definitely helped clean out my system. Helped with constipation. And overall made my insides feel better. I don't like that I have to take four pills. But this really works

  • TeflonDon - absolutely skeptical but it did the job

    I don't work for any of these companies, I'm not being compensated for review in any way. I can't believe any of the reviews for all of these detox drinks. they all seem BS. I bought this at vitaminshop went to wallgreens bought a home test for thc. 9am drank followed instructions 10am tested came up positive went got tested at 12 and came in negative. I was supremely skeptical about all of these drinks but what can I say it worked. Also, I have to say I've never seen so much conflicting information when it comes to trying to get a fair review of these products detox drinks that I can trust is so difficult. Regardless of those this junk worked.

  • Camille - Where have you been all my life?

    Ok, so much like most people, I had read countless reviews on Vacuum cleaners, but afterwards, I still felt just as confused regarding which one to buy as when I first started.

  • ClarkB - Provides a ton of added support when lifting and bending.

    My husband does a lot of heavy lifting at work. He has a pretty healthy back but I always worry that one wrong lift and that could all change. I personally have the worlds worst back so I live in constant fear of throwing my back out. Anyway, I wanted to give him a back brace to use on especially strenuous days at work and after a lot of research this lumbar back support brace was the one I chose. I like the style of the waist component because it allows for a lot of extra support with the added waist cinching straps. I'm not so sure that the suspenders are necessary. My husband finds that when they are too tight it causes the brace to ride up. He has told me that the brace provides him added support when he is bending and lifting items at the same time. He is very thankful that I purchased it for him. I was provided a discounted sample to review and share my unbiased opinion, I am not affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just a regular Amazon customer who shops a lot on Amazon and enjoys sharing my experiences with others so that they can make an informative buying decision.

  • R. A. Long - Do Not Waste Money for an Upgrade - So Inefficient Compared to Previous Versions

    DO NOT UPGRADE if you have Visio 2007 or older versions. I have been using Visio long before Microsoft bought it and it has been my go-to tool both at home and in the office. When our company upgraded us to WIndows 7, they made us upgrade to Viso 2010 - which now has the Ribbon Interface forced down our throats. Some manager at MS has no doubt received a fat bonus for forcing the Ribbon interface into Visio.

  • J. Hollister - Great Fairy Tale Stories

    This is quite the collection. I mean, 100 stories is a lot of stories and each one of them has cute good-looking illustrations. All of the images look great on my PC and Kindle Fire. This book is sure to become a favorite among your little ones as many of the stories are absolute treasures. Sure, some of the stories have a lot fantasy involved in it like the story "How the Butterfly Got Its Colors," but that is to be expected of fairy tale stories. If your child likes fairy tales then I would definitely recommend this book.