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  • S. Schultz - Earthing Works!

    We just received our Grounding Mats a couple of days ago. I used it while sitting in my recliner the first night... almost immediately I felt a tingling sensation on the bottom of my feet - lasted about 15 minutes. I moved my legs to position my calf muscles on the pad next... "warm" sensation (improved circulation?) almost immediately, followed by a feeling of "tightness" (about 15 minutes), then relaxation of the calf muscles. Stayed on the calf muscles a while longer... suddenly "pain" on the side of my knee - lasted about 15 minutes, then went away. Continued on the calf muscles... next sensation "pain" on the joints at the top of my hip girdle at the base of my spine - lasted about 20 minutes. These sensations & spasms (gentle & manageable) continued up the muscles of the spine. Used the Earth Mat that night, in bed, under my calf/feet, slept through the night with one wake up experience to change from right side to left side... NO BATHROOM TRIPS! Worked exactly the same the 2nd day that I used it, including more energy stamina during the 2nd day (after the 1st night use). WOW, I'm hooked on grounding - I'm looking forward to the other health benefits that others have experienced! Including reducing my need for Nutritional Supplements that others have reported (reduced or eliminated need for Supplements or medications). I recently (about 8 months ago) discovered a Nutritional Supplement for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that has worked for me - now I am anticipating being able to reduce or eliminate it if the grounding does what research has shown it to do - activating ATP & Cell Mitochondria activity. That is exactly what the Nutritional Supplement was found to do for the CFS - I have ALWAYS preferred solutions that activate the wonderful things of my own body's immune system (as opposed to drugs - which typically simply MASK symptoms or cause other unwanted side effects).

  • Brenda Franks - Awesome!!!

    Ready to Roll was just a sneak preview of the best military romance reads that there is Suzanne does not disappoint. I am a total Trouble shooters junkie. I have read them so much the characters feel like family this story is like a short visit from family that has been gone far too long. The unique way this was written is funny, serious,emotional and educational in help a civilian to really understand the roll of our greatest military men the Navy SEALS can hardly wait for July to get another fix. Ms.Brockmann please keep coming, and welcome back!

  • rachel s. - Hair saver!!

    Today August 30th, 2014 I used the aphogee two step with the balancing moisturizer. I must say I'm very pleased with it. I colored my hair two months ago and my started getting damage. After my first time using this product my hair was strong, to see if my hair was strong after one use I did a strand test and when I pulled my strand it was strong. Its worth every penny!!

  • Amazon Customer - Amaze-balls!

    For a wino like like this product is amazing! Dispenses and aerates in one? Yes please! A total game changer!

  • Amazon Customer - I love love this show is one the very most honest ...

    I love love this show is one the very most honest and real raw refreshing no holds bar family shows I have ever seen in history I hope and look forward to another season of this hit series the writers and producers and all the actors and director put their heart and talents and time into this series hope it stays on for long time to come

  • ManaY - Great oil

    This 100% pure organic castor oil shipped super fast and arrived just as expected. This is a good size bottle. I love that it comes with the little combs as pictured. These are great for putting a small amount on your hair and brushing through. You can use castor oil for all kinds of things. This is just why I got this. This is pure and organic so the process to package it is safer for me to use. The dropper is super helpful to dose also when used as a carrier oil with my essential oils. I like this as an overall moisturizer and would recommend.

  • Jemdost - Magical for razor bumps and in grown hairs

    I have the refillable ball solution so I buy this to refill that. I love this stuff and have been using it for a year or so now. I use to have razor bumps and thought I had huge cystic acne on my neck but turns out all I had to do was use pre-shaving oil before shaving and use this right after shaving and within a few weeks my bumps on my neck were gone forever. It has made such a big difference in my life and hopefully it will do just as good for you!