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  • Tom Olsen - It is a month old the touch pad began to ...

    It is a month old the touch pad began to malfunction .....pointer would jump all over without being touched and constantly right click and left finally crashed and now wont is 3 days over the return date for amazon so they wont let me return it....I have to get through the maze HP support has set up to get you to give up so they don't have to support their products.... Have been on the phone for over an hour and still have not talked to a live person to help with the issues......

  • W. Gobel - The sheath is also very nice; no cheap components

    What a flashlight! The current price point for this quality is currently upward of $70 ... and it even comes with a spare tailcap button rubber and a spare O Ring seal. The sheath is also very nice; no cheap components. The light is crystal clear and very usable; most of the time I use the flashlight in the #2 position @ 20 lumens. The firefly mode (0.2 lumens) can actually be shined into one's eyes without discomfort ... and is supremely useful for close-up work. The rated endurance at firefly mode with a standard 2600 battery is rated at 1,585 hours ... with my 3400 mAh Panasonic 18650 protected batteries, I expect that figure should be right about 1,800 hours or more. Phenomenal endurance! Level #5 is over a thousand lumens ... and the strobe is dazzling and blinding. Wild animals will move away from it out of fear and blindness, so it's good for field work out in the wild.

  • Amanda J Branum - This beautiful stainless steel can cooler is just what you need ...

    A classy koozie at last! This beautiful stainless steel can cooler is just what you need to step up your tailgating game! It holds 12 oz cans as well as long neck bottles. Simply unscrew the rubber ring around the top, drop in your drink, replace the ring and your good to go! It won't sweat so your hands will stay dry and they won't freeze because it's double wall vacuum design keeps the cold in and the warm out! The can cooler is nice and sturdy but not too heavy to be a burden when getting your drink on. I've tested this out a few times and I am very pleased, I will definitely continue to make good use of it this football season!

  • Heather - THE best

    Buy this to get out urine, feces, and vomit stains. It also gets out food stains. The key is to Saturate! Yes, pour a Lot over the stain... I also recommend a black light to locate funky smells.