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  • Chris.J.Blaze - Great product for anyone with a car really.

    Hands down the best Roadside "kit" you can get without going out and purchasing the pieces all by yourself. My wife and I own a 2015 Grand Cherokee limited and this fits so nicely in the back and out of the way. It really took a huge weight off my shoulders, since I worry about my wife breaking down with me not around.

  • Francesco - Not tested on Animals

    It leaves my under eyes area very soft and comfortable before sleep. Unfortunately, it didn't really help my dark circles but the skin feels more energetic and with more tone.

  • Scott - The most impactful book I've read in years

    I cannot overstate the value of this book for any married couple, whether you're on the verge of divorce, or just starting out (or even just planning to get married). This book absolutely rocked me as I saw so many of the problems in my own marriage spelled out in uncanny detail, with clear action plans to fix them. Aspects of my marriage that had baffled me for years now make perfect sense after reading the book. I only wish I had learned this stuff 20 years ago, because of all the pain and hurt that I could have avoided for both my wife and I. My only issue I have with the book is that some of the language is a bit crude, so be warned.

  • The Chief - Skeptical, but tried it

    I tore a quad tendon in my knee two years ago. Arthritis has developed and there is some sharp pain associated with walking or flexing. I just am not at the point of knee replacement. Also have a Shoulder impingement caused by compression of the tendons of the rotator cuff between a part of the shoulder blade and the head of the humerus. That has some bone spurs which catch at the wrong time and gives a sharp pain.