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  • scumble - The ultimate window cleaner

    I feel like an idiot getting so enthusiastic over a housecleaning product, but here I go. It's fantastic. If you've ever wondered what you're doing wrong that your windows still look streaky after trying different cleaners or different rags, get this. You'll be very happy. I hope it's not un-green, because I'm not giving it up.

  • Amazing Customer - Good Brain Health Supplement...

    I love this product so far! It works just as well, if not better than I expected! I am definitely pleased with the results that I have received by using this product. I will definitely be purchasing this item again in the near future and I highly recommend it! Great value! As a disclaimer, I received this product either for free or at a discount for my unbiased and totally honest review. In no way have I been compensated by this company for my honest review. Although I have received the item at a discounted price, I do not give good ratings on anything that I would not be willing to shell out my hard earned cash. I absolutely do recommend this product for your needs. I also rely on reviews for my personal shopping experiences and this is why I attempt give you my most accurate review possible so that other customers can make informed decisions. If I see in the future that this product fails to perform or fails hold up to its claims, I will immediately update my review and star rating. Please rate my review as "helpful" if this has helped you in any way. Because, by clicking helpful, this will also help me with my reviews! Thank you so much!

  • DJ KenDawg - Difficult right out of the box

    With next to no explanation or tutorial, this product is quite difficult to use; especially if you are used to another program. This software is also laborious when it comes to scoring more rare instruments (alto flute, E-Flat Flute, Subcontrabass Clarinet, etc). You can put them on the staff, but then you have to configure their transposition, and that can be a pain, especially when there are other software makers (Sibelius) out there that do include the more rare instrumentation pre-loaded and will even do all of the transposition work for you. I'm returning my copy.

  • J. Koble - You still have to make the hard decisions!

    This is useful for prompting you to think through and decide on all the important end-of-life decisions we face. For a simple estate I think this book might be sufficient, but any time you have doubts or can't easily answer the questions, you need help. No, I am not a lawyer, and yes, they are expensive. Only you can decide if you want to leave a mess behind!

  • Samantha M. White - In The Swim 3 inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 50 pounds

    These are the absolute best chlorine tablets we have ever purchased. We purchase a bucket every year. The tablets are so strong we never have to shock our pool. We put 3 tablets in our chlorine floater about every 1-2 weeks. This bucket lasts us the entire summer then some. We don't even have to buy liquid chlorine anymore. I highly recommend this product. It's a bit pricey in the beginning but ultimately saves you money as you don't have to buy any other chlorine for the entire summer. Our pool is a 15x30 oval. Make sure to watch your prices on this as it goes on sale all the time.

  • jerwig - Works great (better than expected)

    I debated between buying this Zippo Outdoor Line Handwarmer and a Boston Electric Ignition Handwarmer that costs more than three times the cost of a zippo. The Boston handwarmer is made in Europe and is a more updated design. It uses lighter fluid (like the zippo) but requires no flame source to ignite it. It uses 2 AAA batteries for ignition. Its design also eliminates frequent replacement of the burner. The average reviewer rated the Boston Warmer about 4.3 vs about 4.0 for the zippo.