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  • Chris - I put these on my wife's car several months ago ...

    I put these on my wife's car several months ago. I use it mainly for transporting my stand up paddle boards. It was a fraction of the cost at the dealership and they hold up well!

  • Inspiring Insomnia - Bright, natural-looking whiteness

    I've been using Crest Whitestrips for years, ever since the original product was released. Crest continues to refine the product, as it becomes more powerful, requires less time, and with better adhesion. I'm at a point now where I just use them for a few days every couple of months for upkeep. Their effect is noticeable, both to me and to friends who comment on how my teeth look whiter. Without regular maintenance, my teeth would be fairly yellow and dull-looking. No, Crest does not give me the blinding, "Hollywood-type" white, but that's not what I want, anyway. Instead, they look bright, natural, and definitely more white than yellow.

  • sandy ay go - Great shirt, horrible banana slicer

    The art is stunning, like one done by Michael Angelo. But it is not perfect (hence the 4 stars), I attempted to slice a banana with the Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee and it just mushed it up. Worst banana slicer ever. Also, it was not self washing, so there is still banana in it.

  • N. Sang & Co. - This is by far the best. This product goes so far beyond my expectations

    I've purchased so many types of Argan oil. This is by far the best. This product goes so far beyond my expectations. I use it at night as a moisturizer. The next morning, my skin is brighter and plumper.

  • Barbara - Smooth, soft, younger looking skin

    I use argan oil on my face. It works great. I was a little unsure because I have oily skin on my T zone and it didn't seem right putting oil on it. However, after applying a very small amount and rubbing it in, my skin doesn't appear oily. Instead I see better skin tone and my pores appear smaller. I also use it on my hands in the winter and it helps with the dryness. I feel my hands look younger. It works for me!

  • Anthony Calderon - Pretty much a better G502

    Pretty much a better G502. Run it wired or wireless, even a CS:GO pro wouldn't notice the difference. Even in wireless mode, its input latency is less than that of most wired gaming mice (yes, in wireless it has less delay than the wired Razer Deathadder). It's lighter than the G502, but still has the best sensor on the market and the best feeling clicks you will ever come across.