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  • TeamLentz - Works Fine

    So perfect, I can have Amazon deliver this to my front door, instead of going out in town to purchase it. Chlorine tablets work fine, I don't notice any difference from what I was using before. I will be ordering this same product from Amazon from now on.

  • waetherman - Solid, inexpensive wall mount

    I got this mount specifically because the wall I needed to install to had 24" studs, and this is one of the few mounts made to fit that wide pattern. It would also fit the standard 16" pattern as well, though if your tv is on the smaller side (37-42) you might be better off getting a smaller 16" mount because this one will be more visible behind the tv.

  • mbryan777 - Restored Battery from Junk to New Condition

    My battery was ready for the place where batteries go when they die. Like one of the other reviewers, I have a rear wheel drive muscle car in the mid-west that is not driven more than once a month and not at all during periods of ice and snow. The car also has a slight current draw that has taken the battery down into the 1-3 volt range multiple times.

  • Anthony J B Froude - Only USD are usd in the iPad app

    Might not mean much to those in the US, but to Quicken users from overseas this is a rubbish upgrade. iPad will only use USD accounts and everything else isn't recorded or usable. It is Quicken from about 10 years ago, no change or mobile support.

  • Laura - worked for my chronic nausea

    I had chronic nausea for a few years. I had several tests and examinations but never could find out what was causing it. I practically lived on ginger and other anti-nausea aids, including prescriptions, but always got minimal relief.