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  • Mademoiselle Valentine - Decent as a kick-off, but be prepared to seek out other materials as well.

    Kaplan prep books are not exactly known for their academic rigor, and this LSAT guide is no exception. The material is not covered in any significant depth, but the book can still serve a purpose for someone hoping to master the LSAT - namely as an introductory guide to the format and general material covered on the test. It is an excellent way to get one's feet wet, but this book alone will not be enough by any means - there are only three full length practice tests (among the oldest LSAT's using the current format, and generally considered a bit easier than those being administered today) and the strategies presented for dealing with questions, logic games in particular, are very basic.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic album all around

    Fantastic album all around. Very few albums don't have a single missed track that ends up not being very good and their are a few that aren't too great but the amazing songs far outweigh the ones that are only mediocre. Get Right, Sure and Certain, You Are Free, etc. are all great tracks and this album is worth a listen for sure and worth a purchase.

  • Lizi - No more night-time wakeups!!!

    We bought this because our just-turned 2 year old daughter started waking up multiple times a night (painful!!!). She was absolutely thrilled when she saw this, and wanted to use it right away. She adored the car -- it was a little hard to convince her it wasn't a toy (given some of the other reviews about this being fragile, we haven't let her touch it at all, we keep it on a high shelf). We use the saying "red means bed, green means get up" and explained to her that if she woke up in the middle of the night and the light was still red, that she needed to lay back down and wait until it was green to call us. The light has worked very well -- within a week or so she was back to sleeping through the night. She occasionally still wakes up in the middle of the night, but we just go in and give her a hug (without picking her up), reminder her the light is red, and have her lay back down. It doesn't make sleep perfect, but it has made a world of difference. Although we primarily purchased this for the middle-of-the-night wakeups, it has also been great for helping with naps and getting her to sleep in later in the morning (she was an early waker). The clock is really easy to set, the only thing that would make this much better is if it was possible to save two times, so you could have an AM wake-up and a nap-time programmed instead of needing to re-set each time. I also liked that this clock was much less expensive than some of the other options available.

  • Adam - Great Buy

    Ordered box for my dad for Christmas and it came within 3 days and was not damaged at all. Fits great! Easy installation!