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  • T. Z. Garton - Works for me

    I take this as an alternative to Xanax. It works for me, though it's affects are short lived (~30 minutes). I've never had any side effects with the product.

  • New Sole Dec 31 2010 - Very nice machine - I'm anxious to really use it now

    We just received our Sole E55 on 12/30/10 and finished the assembly yesterday. Also if you haven't purchased your machine yet, I highly recommend you go to Sears or Dicks and check the models out. We wish we had purchased the E95 simply for the padded footrests and the larger flywheel. Even so, the E55 is a smooth machine.

  • Meredith L. Fahey - ... my most recent tattoo (my biggest yet) I was disappointed with how slowly it was healing

    After the first session of my most recent tattoo (my biggest yet) I was disappointed with how slowly it was healing. Then I stumbled upon this stuff and decided to try it out. I was impressed. My tattoo healed in half the time, without the mess of thicker ointments. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  • Rwilliams - ?? Wait! What?? Starship Troopers is better? No way!!!!

    Don't even bother if you already have low expectations. Poorly produced/ edited and overstocked with enough tropes for six films, this highlights another example of Hollywood attempting to recreate the sense of awe when enjoying the original or the first film which inspired it's sequel. This film moves at such a fast pace that it prevents the secondary characters from the first film and newly introduce characters very little time for development or memorable moments. I for one can enjoy films for their entertainment value (popcorn flick) and their production (script, casting, effects, music, ect.) value & in my opinion this film lacks either. If you're craving an action film involving earthlings that take on an invading army of highly advanced and/or dominating aliens, stick with "Battle: Los Angeles", "Battleship", or even "Starship Troopers". I am so glad that I did not watch this in the theater or purchase this film. I just felt like these decent actors were duped with false promises or lured with an overinflated paycheck. Budget:$165 mil, U.S. Box Office:$103 mil,... need I say more?