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  • Tony S. - The product works great and the SensePeanut App looks very nice says IFTTT and NEST compatibility will be available in October. The product works great and the SensePeanut App looks very nice.

  • KimSooAh - Book helpful, online part has some errors

    I only alloted myself two weeks to study so I probably didn't get as much from the study guide as I could have. Regardless, overall it was very helpful. But I suggest you time yourself (I thought I was doing very well but after timing myself, I realized I was moving way too slow on the math sections). The online portion has some definite errors and typos. This makes it very frustrating because I can't be certain for other questions if Kaplan is wrong, or if I'm just not understanding their reasoning.

  • Mary Kate - The perfect resource. Has it all!

    This book is an excellent resource to use when preparing for your HESI A2 test. It includes all of the subjects that are on the test with deep reviews on each subject, a practice test, and answer key (WITH EXPLANATIONS). Chapter Topics include: Strategies, Mathematics, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology and Professional Practice. I would recommend using this book in conjunction with online resources. This book is a gem compared to others. The layout flows well and the simplicity helps you stay focused and absorb more info without the extra, un-needed bells and whistles. This book is descriptive, and was extremely accurate about what would be on the test. Helped me pass the test, it gives you an overview of all subject material, and it helped me relearn things that I had forgotten how to do. The book also includes a lot of test-taking strategies which are endlessly helpful. Love this book and wouldn't have done near as well or gone in near as confident without this resource.

  • Amazon Customer - pleasantly surprised

    My husband surprised me with this. We made a day of it and actually went to their studio in Hollywood to pick it up. I am not normally a daily makeup wearer, but this is so easy to use, that I may change that. Normally my makeup would disappear in a few hours. I have had a few issues with clogging, but am chalking it up to the learning curve. I just stop and run some rubbing alcohol through once (I use the Paramedical line and they say that you need rubbing alcohol to clean the system when using that line.) and it is good to go again. I am still learning, and I think the blush they gave me is too dark, but I apply it very lightly and it will work until the new color comes in. I am looking forward to learning to apply eyeliner with it. So far, I am very happy with the system.

  • Gracie - Great for coarse curls

    This stuff is fantastic. It is the perfect detangler. Just for Me detangler smells heavenly. The pump disperses the detangler evenly. The detangler works great. The snarls come out great.

  • RedDixieCup - Wonderful for facial hair removal

    my favorite beauty product of 2015. I was getting my whole face threaded once a month (peach fuzzy) to the tune of about sixty bucks. These do the same thing, maybe even better. I've never had to deal with ingrown hairs or irritation. Also, this exfoliates the skin as you use it, and my face feels and looks clearer and brighter. I know a lot of people say shaving your face will make the hair grow back thicker and darker, but it's simply not true. I've been using this for about six months now and haven't seen any changes in the texture or color of my hair. What I have seen is that my makeup goes on smoother and hangs around longer.

  • Jin Wen Hui - Great product! Cleans well.

    My cleaning lady uses this to clean our hardwood floor. From what I can tell, it works great! The floor is clean and shinny. We have a spray bottle at home, so I just buy the refill. Our house is 4,800 sq feet, almost all hardwood floor except for one office. One 22 fl oz bottle can last about 1.5 cleaning, so this 1 gallon bottle should do about 8 times of cleaning. That only cost around 2 dollar fifty cents of Bona each cleaning. Great deal for a good cleaning agent.