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  • MandE728 - It worked for me!

    I bought Premama last November with the hopes that it would help regulate my periods, because I had not ever had a consistent period and I know that it was hindering my husband and I's chances of conceiving. I heard about Premama through the Ovia Fertility app, got the free sample, then bought a box during their Black Friday sale and started taking the packets in December. Wouldn't you know, I had a period each month and when I didn't have one in April I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!! My husband and I are elated!

  • JenniferH - A little bottle goes a long way!

    A little bottle goes a long way. My husband used it on 4 tire flares, front and back bumpers and side mirrors of his 2007 Jeep Wrangler. Prior to applying it looked like a faded gray almost white color, now after applying this stuff it is almost black again! I say almost though, we wanted to see how this came out and how it did in rain and over time but plan on buying another bottle to go back over it and hopefully it will make it a bit darker but overall you could see the difference immediately. It did rain yesterday and he said that the water just beaded off where it was applied!

  • Kid A - Cute, but not that funny or informative

    Board room babies is a bit of an insult to readers. It actually sounds like a serious case study of the behavior of CEOs and Senior Managers, but provides little to no analysis on what really drives the behavior of the executive class. The book attempts to make humorous comparisons of executives and babies, but the anecdotes are so frustratingly real that they make me want to strangle my own boss instead laugh at the author's words. What I was really looking for was a case study that shows why we have an under performing, over-privileged class of lame duck leaders and an over performing under-privileged class that serves them only to get berated in performance reviews year after year.

  • Matt Kucmierz - (Have had highway trip average up to 46 MPG) Excellent daily driver that is very comfortable and practical

    Put 15K miles in the last 5 months averaging 37 MPG with the manual trans. (Have had highway trip average up to 46 MPG) Excellent daily driver that is very comfortable and practical.

  • judgetoe - it worked for me

    My car was leaking a little power fluid (about the size of a quarter every day) and my mechanic told me that the source of the leak was from the seals in my rack and pinion. He did suggest that I try stop leak to see if it would work. After about 1 week I noticed no more leaking on my garage floor. It worked for me, naturally my leak wasn't extensive or big, so hopefully I caught it before it got real bad. For those reviews that said it didn't work for them, it appears that maybe their leaks were much more extensive than mine. I am happy and 100% satisfied with this product, knock on wood.

  • T. King - A really good Chromebook

    This is my third Chromebook in over four years with my first being a Samsung 5 550 and my second an hp 14. They are both working and in excellent condition with no signs of slowing down like a Windows machine. This one reminds me of a slightly bigger updated version of my Samsung 5 550 which my son now has. While I loved my hp 14 with the free data I really want a illuminated keyboard and the 1080p screen was a plus, and was a must before getting a new CB. The screen is nice and bright and just beautiful. The keyboard illumination has five levels of adjustment and the first level is good enough for me. I like the speakers under the keyboard vs on the bottom, I can use it without muffling the sound. It's nice an light compared to the hp which I just sold to my friend to reduced the price of this one because my son didn't want it, he wants illuminated keyboard also. This is a great device with good battery life, the fan is audible when it's quite and comes on when watching video mostly.