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  • Karen F Lewis - Meaningful Beauty lines

    Love this product line but hate buying things with automatic delivery. I don't use products as much as they plan and I can use what I want this way. This is so soothing on my skin and smells so fresh. Love the skin cream too, comfortable, not heavy

  • T. L. - Love it

    This grinder works well and seems to be of very good quality. I like the options of size and amount of coffee to grind.

  • David Hurwitz - Does what it is supposed to.

    The Guide 10 plus is exactly what it is purported to be: a method of charging small electronic devices using solar power. It does this reliably through the intermediate step of solar-charging a battery pack, then using the battery pack to charge your device. I have successfully charged a Kindle Fire and iPhone 5 with the Goal Zero. On a bright sunny day, I have demonstrated that the solar panel can even charge my iPhone directly, but it's better to charge the battery pack, then use it to charge the phone. The panel and battery pack are well-made, easy to connect to each other and use. I like the design of the panel, which has a pocket to store cables and the battery pack when not in use.

  • Marcus Buckhanan - Waste of money!! Doesn't work!!

    Ok so I was definetly on the fence about buying this product due to the reviews being 50/50 from 1 star to 5. I thought maybe people just weren't using the product right or maybe they just had a low tolerance for pain. So w curiousity I ended up buying this product anyway just to be completely disappointed and a complete waste of my money. This product does not work at all! I let it sit 1 hr the first time I used it and even 2 hrs the second time I used it and nothing. My tattoo artist had some numbing lotion that worked so I was expecting the same result w this.... Nope! Everyone get the dr. Numb, it's soo much better and I promise u if u buy this product u will be completely disappointed. Does not do a thing!!

  • Guardsix - Want the Best? Buy This Case!

    This is an excellent iPad Pro (12.9") case. I am very glad I bought this one. There are tons of choices by now, but you won't go wrong with this IVAPO case. The pencil holder is absolutely perfect. The back and front of the case feel like a rubbery leather. The case won't move unless you want it to move. The edges, including the Pencil holder, are a very nice feeling rubber that securely holds your Pencil. The inside of the cover is very smooth and soft. It certainly won't harm your iPad screen. The cover lays extremely flush with the iPad. You do have to use a fingernail to pull up the case which isn't that difficult to do. The sleep on close magnets work perfectly. Folding the iPad case to have it stand horizontally in a reading or usable position is very easy to do although the cover is a little stiff at first. I would not hesitate to buy this again.

  • Matt H. - Best wireless gaming/internet browsing mouse to date. Only from Logitech.

    Still getting used to it compared to my G700 that I've used for so many years. It's not "as" ergonomic as my G700 since the G700 is a righty mouse and the G900 is for either hand. But the G900 is lighter and better balanced as far as weight goes.. Also better sensor and longer battery life in the G900.

  • J. Pickard - The smell alone is a deal breaker...

    This product is awful. It doesn't matter to me if it kills the fleas because the smell is unbearable and I cannot continue to use it. I tried it on one of my cats because she seemed the most bothered by fleas and she is miserable from it. She keeps acting very agitated and twitching her back. I have tried to wash it off her twice and the smell is still overwhelming. After reading the other 1 star reviews I am praying it does not make her sick. But just from the smell alone I could not continue to use it. With 6 cats it would just be too awful.