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  • Preferred Customer - A good book

    This book can serve as a good guidance for those who want to try anti-candida diet. The only part I didn't like was the recommended way to ferment our own vegetables. I even bought the culture and followed all instructions and watched the interview on Gaia tv to make sure that I do it right. The veggies turned super stinky and caused fatigue and abdominal pains. Other than that part, the book is very educational and helpful in fighting yast/ candida.

  • USAZbooks - Kaplan PSAT

    Bought the book 12 weeks prior to the 2012 PSAT in October, my son has completed all the tests including the diagnostic test. It's really rather good test prep, he has consistently between 202 and 217, so I feel the tests are consistent and a fair reflection to the 'real' CB PSAT.

  • Chixon - My favorite song.

    I had a few credits on Amazon so I purchased some songs. This song has been a favorite of my for quite some time.

  • AEclipse - Great Read!

    I don't usually review the books I read, but I really liked this one. I have to say I found the main characters relatable and totally realistic. There is a lot of cursing which I don't normally care for. In this case however, I thought it was very realistic. The reactions that the characters had to certain situations were where most of the cursing was and they fit the scene. I literally laughed out loud at certain points and I totally recommend this book. I am in fact going to buy the next books in the series! (Literally right now lol)

  • Montana A - Love this stuff

    Love this stuff!! My girls use it on their hair every day. During the entire school year, lice had been spread around the school numerous times. This product protected my girls those nasty things being passed to them! It also smells great too! I'm hooked!!

  • michelle - High quality extractors!

    I had never heard of a blackhead remover until I had a facial at a spa. They used tools like these and extracted lots of black heads on the surface of my face. It was awesome! I just had to get a set of my own! I'm so happy I did. These you do not need to press very hard at all for the black head to extract and they last a long time! I highly recommend this product!.

  • Teh Arbitrageur - The gold standard for fabric protection

    I've used Scotchgard many times over the decades, most recently to treat a new couch I bought. Takes time to apply, and lots of ventilation while it's drying, but the end-results are excellent: the couch looks exactly the same as it did, but now water just beads up and falls off, instead of being absorbed into the fabric. Of course, with a dog who likes lying on couches, it's not really water I'm worried about.