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  • Romantically Jaded - Wow!!

    Action, adventure, secrets, humor, heat. This book has a little of everything. Roi is meeting Missy again, after he had to kidnap her last time they met. Missy is petite but packs a punch and has a few surprises of her own. Two strong characters head to head. Loved the banter, and heat that almost jumped from the page. Amazing writing. Love the anniversary addition

  • Tammy - Balding spots Beware

    I do see some hair growing where it was spare before. It's slow going but I do see stronger hair growing in so it doesn't break off so fast. I'm not sure if it will keep working but the start is good.

  • Cat's Meow - Natural powerhouse ingredients for pain relief.

    This is a very generously sized cream that can be used for a variety of topical remedies, one of the main ones being to treat sore muscles. The combination of ingredients in this cream is amazing and is very effective at soothing sore muscles. It has a wide range of ingredients with different benefits like peppermint, juniper, varieties of chamomile, sweet basil, cinnamon and pine oil. I have been using it for pain relief and general massaging purposes so far, on myself and my husband, and we are both very happy with this. This is an effective and versatile tub of orangey goodness. It does indeed give the visual appeal of being "hot".

  • T.J.B. - Pretty good unit

    I had the badger 5 for a little over 8 years before it rusted and started leaking. Must be some kind of record from what I have been reading. It also stopped grinding, that's when I found the leak. I was skeptical about buying the compact model, but I saw nothing but good reviews everywhere I turned. I bought it at Home Depot for a tad less than Amazon, how about that then. I didn't mind paying the little extra in taxes. Besides, I needed it now. Anyway, it all went up in an hour, including the time to remove the old unit. I couldn't sleep much that night, and got up at 4:30, opened the box, read the instructions, which were very easy to comprehend, so easy I didn't even have to refer back to them when I started. The hardest part is holding it up there square while you turn the three pronged clamp. My wife came in just as I was finishing up and couldn't believe I was already finished, she thought I was just taking the old one out. Anyway, another point I have to make, I was concerned about the size of the unit, and if it would fit the same space as the Badger. It did. Perfectly. The two connections, disscharge and dishwasher connection went as smooth as anything. It is not whisper quiet, you can hear it, but it is WAY quieter than the older unit. I also like the fact that you can easily remove the baffle to clean it, something you could not do with the older unit. The stainless steel features was what sold me more than anything else, this one should last a LOT longer. Buy with confidence.

  • Liz s - Good bike so far

    Good bike so far, wish it had better instructions on putting it together but with Google and my dads tool box it took about 3 hours. When I got it the front tires tube was broken and wouldn't hold air but I revived an emails today that I would be refunded the cost to replace the tube. So that's great. I plan on upgrading the tires and seat before any crazy long rides but it's a good starter bike so far!