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  • IronHorse - Agelss Male Just speration of cash

    This product did produce any results. No Weight less it was just an expense supplement. Not for results just for sell

  • Strifed - Best project glue ever.

    Best project glue ever. The proteins that make up this type of glue, make it the most natural glue you can use. Very strong bond.

  • Melissa Borsey - A Sweet, Festive Read!

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I love a Debbie Macomber book, especially a Christmas one. This book is a whole lot of fun and perfect reading for the holidays. This is a fast-paced, heartwarming read with a wonderful cast of characters. The perfect book to curl up with, I highly recommend!

  • Romance Reader - Good for light hair removal

    I don't have much facial hair and I was looking for something to remove the hair over my lip - mostly light blond but a few dark hairs and the hair under my chin - very dark brown and spotty. The chin hair has only developed since I turned 60. It did remove the softer blond hairs but did little on the coarser brown hairs. However - the smell is not bad as depilatories go and it did not irritate my skin. I will continue to use it but I doubt I will buy it again as I still would like to find another solution to the darker hairs..

  • Magicman - Great band! Good remastering.

    The remastering is noticeable in most tunes, but not all. And much of this is the band's best, and yet some of it probably shouldn't have been included on the album. I don't have to remind the world that Bad Company was one of the 70s best rock bands! Get it! Play it! Turn it up! Play that air guitar! It rocks!

  • Abner Doubleday - Give them a break!

    I saw pretty much the same CS&N concert last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were very engaging and they were not just phoning it in like say Van Morrison. I had very low expectations and went because they were one of the few groups left that were on my "bucket list" and wanted to bring my young son. A few months before that I saw Stephen Stills play in a small 500 seat venue and was lucky enough to be in the front row. Stephen is pretty much deaf and that's why his voice is so bad despite using hearing aids. He jokes about it during the show. When people call out requests he says, "yell all you want. I can't hear you anyway." Nonetheless, he is still one of the greatest guitarists alive and its worth it just to see him ply his craft. He barely gets a chance to show his chops on this DVD/CD, but he can definitely still bring it. Anyone who goes to see groups of this vintage and expects them to sound like they did 40 years ago is being unrealistic. It's not like you can't sample the songs on Amazon or I-Tunes before you buy it so the quality of their voices shouldn't be a surprise. Go back and listen to 4-Way Street. They sounded even crappier live then!