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City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Nancy K. Farlow - Love it

    Very easy to install and looks great. I was debating between this hatch and a less expensive version sold by Rugged Ridge. Based on another reviewer's comment, I went with the Mopar product and am glad I did. Saving a few bucks on something that I use often and expect to last the lifetime of the vehicle wasn't worth the compromise.

  • Yogi-Ama - Barry just can't get no satisfaction.

    Good arcs continue, great acting, production and effects, but Barry is the worst super hero out there, he just is a personal train wreck. To the show's credit, the flaws of the character make him entertaining, but he may need to move on from the exasperated fix-it man to something more focused and forwardly directed... fast forward so to speak.

  • Richard Brzostek - Very high quality

    A couple years ago, my wife got a high-end cookware set to replace the pots and pans that were about 10 years old. And having a nice cookware set makes cooking all the more enjoyable. If I compare that set with this one, I would say the quality is about the same, which is of very high standards. But I think the handles of this set are better and feel more comfortable to hold. The non-stick surfaces are also great! Without abusing this set, I suspect it will last more than a decade. If anything, this set is just as good as the high end set that cost twice as much!

  • shawn - Paid to lease a game. I own nothing.

    Usually in the world of trading goods, as a consumer, I trade my money for something that becomes mine; I own it. This is most exemplified when purchasing most any video game. Not in this case! I paid EA to lease a game, Sim City 5. They choose when I play and how I play. All of this in an effort to combat piracy of a few hundred copies, masked with the poor excuse of creating cities with friends. Do some math, you just lost thousands of sales and future sales by word of mouth of the world's most failed game release.

  • G. Guesby - For Bodies Mosquitoes love

    I do like it. I don't like the mosquitoes and they just love me. I'd definitely recommend this product!

  • David Bergsland - It actually works

    My wife bruises very easily as she has gotten older. Simply putting on a bracelet can cause a huge bruise. The bruise cream makes the bruises go away much more quickly. It's a bit expensive, but she says there's nothing else that works nearly as well.

  • Maria Das Gracas - Perfect, great shopping, beautiful album

    Perfect, great shopping, beautiful album, Espero, conseguir juntar todas as moedas dos parques até 2021, The art of coins from Parks are beautiful.