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  • Donald M. Shepherd - this computer makes computing fun again

    I researched the available Chromebooks before settling on this model, and I purchased it largely due to the overwhelming positive user reviews on Amazon. I have not been disappointed. It is a beautiful machine, superbly engineered and worth every penny. The three major factors I considered were the beautiful screen and keyboard, the presence of several alternatives for local storage (2 USB ports and SD card), and the 4GB of memory (compared with 2GB which seems to be standard on most other units). I know from my Windows experience that extra RAM is never a bad investment.

  • Amazon Customer - Has exact same graphics as ps4 and xb1!

    Amazing, the wii u is capable of the exact same graphics as the ps4 and xb1 and ubisoft made proof of that, fantastic job! Developers these days are such idiots, the wii u has really powerful hardware, developers just need to work a bit harder to achieve the same graphics as the ps4 and xb1, Fantastic job ubisoft!

  • Gary - Feel Disappointed

    What I would like to know is why would xbox produce such a low quality Headset with such a expensive console. I love the console itself it is a high quality machine that is truly powerful.

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    These calendars make a fantastic gift for any Futurama Fan. I love collecting these. I couldn't get the 2014 one. I will get in early for my 2015.

  • dwonsetler - The ability to import information from last year's return saves a great deal of time and insures accuracy

    I have use this product for 9 years as Tax Cut & later H&R Block. The ability to import information from last year's return saves a great deal of time and insures accuracy. It is designed for the average person, asking most of the necessary questions during the interview process. Once the interview process is completed the software performs a review and flags entries which may be in error or missing and allows you to input the appropriate corrections. E-filing takes little time and a confirmation is available from IRS normally within 24 hours. Since I live in a state with no state income tax I cannot comment on this feature.

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    Here's the scoop if you need to reactivate your Payroll without having to renew through Intuit, which, by the way, is at least three times the cost of this product.

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    Kindle version was horrible to navigate. The go-to options did not correspond to the chapter titles in the print book.