Avenue Health Avenue Health - Your path to healing - Avenue Health believes that patients should always have an understanding of their condition so we provide detailed information and explanations.

  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/treatment/treating-arthritis/ Avenue Health Treating Arthritis effectively in Surrey - Our approach to treating arthritis is aimed at improving mobility and reducing inflammation in the affected area which brings rapid results.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/treatment/back-pain/ Avenue Health Relieve back pain naturally in Surrey - Back pain is often the result of a sudden movement, trauma or falling asleep in an awkward position. These issues respond well to osteopathy.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/treatment/disc-problems/ Avenue Health Disc Problems Treated Effectively with Osteopathy - Our treatment for disc problems will greatly reduce the time required for disc injuries to heal and for you to get back to your normal daily activities.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/treatment/frozen-shoulder/ Avenue Health Frozen shoulder -Osteopathy offers very effective help - Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is an extremely painful and debilitating condition, characterised by pain and stiffness of the shoulder.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/treatment/muscle-pain/ Avenue Health Osteopathy for Muscle Pain at Avenue Health - Osteopathy for muscle pain is often the treatment of choice for athletes, dancers, sports people as well as the general public.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/treatment/neck-pain/ Avenue Health Neck Pain - how to deal with it effectively - Neck pain can be very debilitating and can affect many areas of your life. Osteopathy has been shown to be very effective at treating neck pain.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/treatment/trapped-nerve-pain/ Avenue Health Trapped nerves are a common cause of nerve pain - A trapped nerve can cause pain in any part of the body and is in fact one of the most common causes of pain that we see at Avenue Health.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/treatment/sciatica-pain/ Avenue Health Sciatica is not necessarily nerve pain - Sciatica has become used to describe pain in the back of the leg, buttock or foot, resulting from a trapped muscle. Often it is not the sciatic nerve.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/osteopathy/ Avenue Health Osteopathy and how it works - Based in Surrey - The osteopathy approach involves gentle rhythmic massage to relax tight muscles, stretching and articulation to increase the range of movement.
  • http://avenuehealth.co.uk/meet-the-team/osteopathy-testimonials/ Avenue Health Osteopathy testimonials from our clients - Osteopathy testimonials, what our patients say about us is indicative of the way we treat them. Every patient is treated carefully and with respect.

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  • Janey M. - Fantastic little machine with a super powerful app behind it

    Fantastic little machine with a super powerful app behind it. I have used this for swimming, running, and their in-home 10-minute bodyweight training. I have found it to be amazingly accurate. I tested it against other apps for distance/cadence measurements and it was spot on. I also wore it along with a Fitbit Surge and found it was a bit more accurate on the route and distance run.

  • DennisBarrow - Way too short.

    It is so short, it is very hard to get into. I am 6 ft, I think you need to be about 5 ft for this machine to be usable.

  • retrdpsych - Great product for my needs

    Bought this on Amazon because OFF! no longer handles this product. I have had chemotherapy 3 times and a stem cell transplant which caused my skin to be very intolerant of other repellants especially those with Deet. This product does the job and does not irritate my skin. I bought the cream as well as the liquid spray. Both work equally well.

  • dean - feeling gooood!

    This product works almost immediately! My belly is flat and I don't feel bloated or distended anymore. It's an instant weight loss regimen. You gotta try this, you won't regret!