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  • Pcola Joe - This Works!

    I received Three Lac in the afternoon and took a packet. After dinner I realized my sinus were very clear and breathing was easy. I could not believe it worked so quickly, but it did. I thought my sinus problems were due to allergy. I did read one other review that the persons sinus cleared up. I have taken other medications for candida, and saw no effects. I also took a 60 billion size probiotic to crowd it out, and that did not work. This works. My wife says my color looks healthier, and I saw that too. My skin seems clearer. I plan to stay on this. I highly recommend it. If you need it, you will know, as you will see improvements quickly!

  • P. Eytalis - This stuff is watered down

    I could tell there was something wrong with this bottle before I even opened it because it was so watery. It smells like Biosilk but is way too thin and watery. I will be reporting this seller and returning this. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller. This stuff is amazing when you have the actual product.

  • Marcus Tinker - Excellent read

    Great book by my good friend Tikimia Vanderbilt. She shares a lot of her best practices in business to help you become very successful in sales. I recommend this book to any business professional who is looking to enter the sales industry or one who is currently in the industry.

  • Rick G. Cannon - Outstanding Product

    I wish these would have been available when I was a kid. They are fantastic. Never jam and they shoot to at least 75 feet if not more. They pack a punch so little little kids should not be allowed to play with them. So much fun. My grandkids and I have a ball. They are great for a boy's birthday party. Cheap enough that you can have one for each kid to play.

  • Candygirl - Finally Free

    When I first started using this product, I did not see a change right away. I also purchased the gel which did give me relief but only for three days. Not worth it for the price. But then I read one review, where the writer suggested it may take longer to work if you were on antibiotics for longer periods of time. So I continued using the capsules, and finally Ladies I am FREE. No smell or nasty discharge. No Yeast infections. This is the first time in 4 years I have been normal down there with the exception of a few weeks here and there while taking flagyl and Fluconazole over and over back to back. However there are side effects if you stop taking it. One, the symptoms will come back rather quickly if you miss a pill so try not to miss a dose. Two, acne will fall upon your face with a vengeance if you stop taking them all together. With that said, it is pricey but totally worth it. At least to me. I went to CVS last night and they now have a generic brand of this product for around $21.00 so I bought it. It has 5 strains of Probios' instead of two. I hope it works as well as this one. It is convenient to be able to go to a store and pick them up when you run out and not have to pay $33.00 a pop. I will keep you guys posted.