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  • Nexus Nootropic Stack + Mitogen Mitochondrial Support – Axon Labs - NEXUS Short-term memory of less than three hours is facilitated by early long-term potentiation (E-LTP). E-LTP is maintained and governed largely by the AMPA an
  • Mitogen Mitochondrial Support 3-Pack – Axon Labs - Your brain cells rely on mitochondria to support and maintain higher levels of cognitive function. Optimizing mitochondria is essential to mental performance. M
  • NEXUS Advanced Nootropic Stack 3-Pack – Axon Labs - Short-term memory of less than three hours is facilitated by early long-term potentiation (E-LTP). E-LTP is maintained and governed largely by the AMPA and NMDA
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  • Tracy - Well written YA novel

    This book was so good and I'm glad to see this author return to what I fell in love with in Bully. Only this time she flipped it on us. This time Ryen is our flawed character. She so badly wants to fit in, be popular and have friends that she squashes who she really is to be that except in her letters to Misha. There she lets herself be who she wants to be but too afraid to be. Misha is your typical alpha teenage hero who we all wish existed in high school but never did at least when I was in high school. But even at the end of the book he was still a mystery. I would have liked to have read a better finale with his father since they were both suffering. I also wanted to know more as to why his mother left. Although the question was answered for Misha's peace of mind, I wanted to know why she did what she did. But not having that information didn't detract from the book. I would also love to read a follow up bringing Delilah into the story! Note: read past the epilogue if you're not sure what I'm referring to.

  • ckott72 - Good, but tiny knife; Not a great sheath; Not a weapon

    This knife, while a handy little tool, does not fit the security bill. It would not be my first, or even second weapon of choice should I need one to defend myself because (1) it is too small and (2) it is too hard to see in low light conditions.

  • Philip Lear - Profound Thoughtful Stories

    As a fellow short story writer I appreciated the depth and quality in these stories. Stories like Charles Baxter's Bravery and Junot Diaz's Miss Lora were particularly outstanding.

  • Kristen Robinson - Finally!

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this. I read all the great reviews, but I wondered if it could possibly be as great as everyone was saying it was. I'm happy to report that it is that great and I am ecstatic! I've bought cheap bluetooths before, and been disappointed when I got exactly what I paid for. This was such a welcome surprise! Right out of the box, it paired easily with my phone and I was off and running. Sound is good...4.5/5 when listening to music and 4/5 when making a call. There was a small amount of fuzziness at higher volume, but those on the other end said that there was no fuzziness or echoing on their end. I have really small ears and typically have a hard time finding earbuds that fit well in my ears. These fit snugly and come with multiple size rubber thingies (very technical, I know) for a perfect fit. I am so happy with my purchase! I am tempted to purchase a few more of them as Xmas gifts.

  • Rueben Zavala - Awesome product

    I don't know why i waited so long to purchase the "Transformer" it woke my Magnum up, the transmission is so much more responsive and so much fun to drive again. The extra features(burnout mode,line lock, and lauch mode) are so much fun. I emailed Z automotive for some technical info since I have some custom wiring done with my ESP button and they were quick to reply and very knowledgeable. I feel very confident in this product and recommend it highly.