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  • Tatiana Faurer - 0 costumer service support

    I am on my 9th day of this cleanse. It's was just ok. Would not do it again. Green shake is duable. You get used to the taste. I experienced severe headache, specially at night. My period arrived 2 weeks earlier, that never happened in my life. Made me very tired during the day and more energetic at night. The Apache cherry syrup, kept me up all night. I only took it for the 3 days and couldn't anymore. Terrible! Made feel restless, agitated all night. Tried to contact costumer service over the phone. NO support system at all. Not friendly & cluless. Sent email to the supposedly physician to respond to my concerns and nothing! So Donny count on any support system from this company. Of course you will loose some water weight because you are about to starve yourself for 10 days. Make cucumbers your best friends. You will eat them all day long! I'm glad this is over!

  • Marie Westphal - Excellent nourishing serum

    This serum came in a very sturdy, expensive-looking dropper bottle. The serum itself is clear and completely odorless. There are no artificial colors or perfumes that might cause allergic reactions. It goes on very smoothly and makes my skin feel very smooth. It plumps up my wrinkles and they are disappearing!

  • J.W. Husband - This is my wife's favorite essential oil

    This is my wife's favorite essential oil. It smell very delightful and she also rubs small drops on her skin before bed. Recently she used lavender to create "pad sickles" for after vaginal birth of our baby girl. She used it for natural healing as well. This is an amazing oil that I use in the delivery room as well for the birth of our daughter to help relax my wife. The nurses and Doctor loved it. I use it. Throughout the house. I really like putting it on the baseboards and door frames to create an order throughout the house. I also use a diffuser. Disclaimer: I have received the product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Adventurer - Fortunately the oil came out looking good and no particles ...

    No doubt, Mobil makes quality oil. Even though labeled LS for limited slip differentials, it will NOT work properly in ALL vehicles requiring LS oil. Such was the case when I replaced the old OEM oil in my Toyota Tacoma's rear differential even though GL-5 LS was specified in my vehicle's owner's manual. Almost immediately after replacement, I felt the 'shudder' others have mentioned. I decided not to drive my truck until I determined what was happening. On-line research advised that an additive is required. I selected CRC 402508 Trans-X Posi Trac Limited Slip Gear Oil Additive, and yes, the issue was resolved. If you use this Mobil product in your Tacoma you will likely need the additive if your vehicle has a LS rear differential.