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  • S. Bassey - It smells awesome and the taste is good

    I purchased my tea from the website, but will post my review here. My order shipped very quickly. I purchased the 14 day "teatox" just to try it out.

  • Betty Sue - Microsoft Outlook 2010

    I had an older version of Microsoft Outlook which I would give the highest rating came installed on my laptop. I was very pleased with it. I purchased a new computer which did not come with Microsoft Outlook so I purchased the Microsoft Outlook 2010 and downloaded it to both my old laptop and new computer. When I start my laptop, I find it takes a bit longer to load. On my new computer, I have had several issues. Tech support has spent a great deal of time with me on the phone but at times, I still have issues...I try to delete a email and the screen goes light. Nothing happens and I have to close out and start is a pain. On both my laptop and new computer, I am having issues with my alerts. Hope you have better luck!

  • Lisa Davis - Look great, but the lights flash everytime I close a ...

    Look great, but the lights flash everytime I close a door...idk what's up w/ that...but they work ok other than that craziness.

  • Amazon Customer - I was pretty skeptical after reading the reviews

    This totally works! I was pretty skeptical after reading the reviews, it seemed like it was a 50/50 shot. I used exactly as directed, drank two bottles of water before, drank this, then another bottle after and some Gatorade. Went in for my pre-employment drug screen about 2-hours after consuming the drink. Got my results back today and I passed! I did quit smoking 3-weeks prior, so Im sure that helped me as well, but all my home drug tests were coming up faint negative, and I mean SUPER faint, almost non existent. I tested myself one more time about an hour after I drank this and I got a solid negative, then went in for my test. Highly recommend! Thanks Qcarbo32!!!

  • Todd Painter - What Can I Say

    This machine is amazing, It does everything except get me drinks from the fridge. Graphics are what most of us expected and the game line up at launch was amazing. Things are only getting better for this console right now. The machine is very sleek and will good on any entertainment stand.

  • mmrich - Good stuff.

    If you buy this then you also need to get the Candigone bottle. They work together. If you want to get rid of yeast from your body, this will do it. Let me tell you, what you'll get. The Candigone is a two-part system. One bottle of pills and another bottle of a liquid with a dropper. The directions will tell you everything you'll need to know. There is a diet that is suggested you follow. I do think following the diet is important because you'll want to reduce your intake of yeast so the pills will work better to eliminate yeast from your body. It only makes sense that if you're going to go through the expense and time to rid your body of yeast then you don't want to keep adding more. So gluten, bread, pasta make yeast and sugar feeds the yeast, so guess what, part of the diet is to stop taking in all that stuff. Well, I'll be honest, the diet was torture for me. But here's the great news. After I was done doing this cleanse of yeast so much changed that I was amazed. Anything sweet that I have always loved ended up tasting too sweet, I couldn't enjoy it. It was actually making me feel sick. Then I was craving meats, such as steak, sausage, pork like crazy. You are allowed to eat protein during the diet. But I was craving it like crazy after the diet. I've since found out that when your body doesn't get sugar, it craves protein. Which is great because I would rather have steak and veggies or sausage and peppers or steak fajitas. I used to be a junk food addict. I ate too many sweets. The diet is difficult to follow but you can get through it. Have boiled eggs or eggs and sausage in the morning. Gluten-free soups are good for lunch. Some of these gluten free products do have some sugar but usually very little. Just remember that they suggest the diet, it's just a suggestion, so if you can't follow it perfectly then don't be too hard on yourself. Just do the best you can. Another tip for the diet: A five-layer Mexican dip is great to have even though the sour cream is dairy, it's only a little. And corn chips for the dip aren't considered gluten. Applesauce is a good substitute for apples in the diet. Good luck!

  • herman goodloe - This item made my scalp tough and itch like crazy. I stopped using it and found another ...

    This item made my scalp tough and itch like crazy. I stopped using it and found another product. My hair has almost completely grown back in with my new product. This may work for you but it didn't for me.