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  • G.H. - Great for the price

    Guessing these are as good as factory - def NOT Mopar but... same instructions & for coming from China - fast shipping. Very easy install (thank you YouTube TeraFlex - hysterical!). The wife is happy and it really does look good. Being picky... It doesn't fit as tight as I would think it should and apparently, now they come with either option for fit, you just need to snip off the prong that doesn't fit your Jeep (you'll see what I mean, It's not a problem). I would recommend.

  • droidmeister - HERO 3 Dead on Delivery

    This product is an expensive piece of junk. I was given a HERO 3 Silver as a christmas gift. I let it be known I wanted an "action" camera, but I didn't specify a brand. One of my kids apparently selected the GoPro. Had they done a quick product review (such as I have today) by searching on the internet, they would have found posts from hundreds of people complaining of the same problem I am experiencing. When I opened the package, there was an "in your face" notice that the camera needed a firmware upgrade. This notice was impossible to ignore. So I did it. Oops. The first indication something is wrong with this product came when the auto-detection feature failed during the upgrade process. The software on GoPro's web-site couldn't detect my camera automatically, so I had to follow the manual process. This isn't complicated - basically you unzip the update files to the root of your SD card while it's plugged into an SD slot on your computer, then you stick the SD card back in the camera, and turn the camera on - the camera detects the presence of a new version of the firmware on the SD card, and should begin to load it. Ha-ha! The jokes on us (the consumer). Actually, it usually does begin the upgrade process, problem is it almost never finishes. I had to try (literally) about 12 times because the first 11 times the camera would randomly freeze during the firmware upgrade at a stage anywhere from 5% to 95%. Each time it freezes, the only solution is to pull the battery out and start over. Eventually, after several days of trying, I finally got lucky and the update ran to completion. That was the good news - the bad news is the latest version of the firmware (HD3.02.00.95) has serious bugs in it, or there's a component within the camera itself (such as the firmware ROM) that is faulty. Hopefully it's the firmware, because in that case I'm assuming the techno-dweebs at GoPro are busy writing a debugged version which will be available tomorrow (or the day after, or the day after that). If it's a hardware component in the camera, then the only solution is to replace it. With version HD3.02.00.95 now loaded, all my camera does is freeze after shooting a couple of minutes of video, and it freezes every single time I try to connect the wifi remote or control it via the Android app. The thing simply doesn't work. I strongly recommend you look for an alternative product. If it were larger, I could use it as a paper-weight or a door-stop, but it's too small to be useful for those functions, and as a camera it's a pathetic joke. My advice to anyone who already owns one is to return it for a refund ASAP, because with a product like this, I have to believe GoPro will be out of business very shortly.

  • Kadzhibongo - Perfect for any distance

    A rigid sole. Easy-to-adjust buckles. Beautiful appearance and excellent ventilation. Moderate price for such high quality. No discomfort at any distance. Infinitely long can I enumerate merit of this shoes. I made my choice and do not regret.

  • Dave Newnam - I'm really happy with my purchase

    I'm really happy with my purchase. The headphones stay secure throughout my workouts (crossfit, running, biking, pilates). They are very comfortable. The controls are easy to use. The sound quality is excellent! They represent a tremendous product for the cost. I highly recommend these headphones.

  • Rose Red - IT DOES WORK, BUT.....

    I have been ill with Candida for 3 years this month and have been taking Threelac for a year now. I have to say that it does work, by significantly decreasing the intensity of my symptoms. I am much more functional then I was a year ago, according to my friends; however, it has not eradicated the problem. I experimented with a "regular diet" early on, as GHT says that you can eat normally (without sugar) two months into taking Threelac. I found that the product doesn't work at all if I am constantly eating bread, etc.-- but it does allow me to "cheat" 1 to 2 times every month - whereas before when I cheated I'd be debilitated for 1 to 3 days. I can eat low-glycemic fruits like apples and berries on a regular basis though. The only thing is, as I said, I'm still sick. I have started to take a human strain of Bifidus called "Biobifidus" in conjunction with the Threelac because I was told that since Threelac is not a human strain, it can't repopulate the intestines. I think its working better but its too early to tell. In the beginning, I was misdiagnosed with everything from Depression to Allergies by every conventional doctor I saw. I've been working with a progressive doctor that specializes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She told me that is possible I may also have Epstein Barr. This may be what is enabling the Candida to stay out of control because my immune system is busy fighting with the virus-- hence, why I'm not "fully better" (for anyone who is experiencing something similar). When I stopped taking Threelac after she told me this, my symptoms got much worse - and I am still trying to recover two months later. I am hoping that the Biobifidus will be able to repopulate my intestines, and I am not going to stop taking Threelac for awhile now. I also recommend Thorne Mediclear to heal the gut - it has made me feel a lot stronger.