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  • Kelly Joelle - Fits into belt fairly easily and sits on your band comfortably that you barely ...

    Fits into belt fairly easily and sits on your band comfortably that you barely notice it. Sometimes the belt will move up and down but with a little readjustment it settles down and doesn't bother me during my runs.

  • Debbie Weil, author of THE CORPORATE BLOGGING BOOK - Thinly veiled attempt to make money from his vitamin supplements

    There is some good information in the book about a healthy approach to eating and to life: including daily meditation, hot baths before going to bed and eating lots of dark green vegetables (kale!!). But the book is a thinly veiled attempt to sell readers Dr. Hyman's outrageously overpriced vitamin supplements. I succumbed and ordered a 2-week vitamin pack for $140. I am returning it for a full refund. I scoured Dr. Hyman's website for a way to send him feedback. I found none so I am posting here the letter I tried to send him:

  • Jpimaging817 - Didnt know they still made this.

    I used to buy this all the time when I was younger, But they stopped making it under versace name. I had no idea that this was the same stuff. Smells just like it should, and at a way better price. Would recommend, will buy again.

  • FS Mason - Looks really good!

    Read the directions and don't over sand, but it came out real nice. The main reason the folks rented our house according to them. 2-1/2 years later it had very little wear. Very durable. It does take some time in install, but okay for a DIY.

  • lynn - Omg! This stuff works! Hair all around hairline ...

    Omg! This stuff works! Hair all around hairline in front and little hairs all around head! Been using less than 2 months now!

  • Altsider Art - If you're post menopausal, I would highly suggest giving this a try!

    I'm a 60 yr old woman and I started my menopause when I was 40 yrs old. I've always been concerned that at a young age I was no longer producing estrogen so I thought that I would give this a try since my skin has had lackluster tone, I had completely lost my sex drive and quite frankly, I had also stopped producing any vaginal moisture. I've been taking this for at least a week although skeptically at first. To begin with, the skin on my face seems to have an improved tone. It's been bothering me, because it has seemed so rough in the last year, no matter what I do. It is feeling smoother and the tone is more even. My mood seems much better than normal, although that could just be in my head, but I've been happier in the last week, and more apt to take a daily walk. The very unexpected side effect of this experiment is that I have found out that I guess that there was a sex drive hidden in this old body after all. And I've even started finding that my vagina is not all dried up as I had thought it was for years. That might be to thank for my increase in mood, but, I'll thank whatever. I have used Amazon Prime for years now and occasionally I am offered a discount on a product in exchange for my honest review. This is one of those products, and I must say that I'm really glad that I decided to give it a whirl. I'm going to keep taking this and see where it leads health wise and relationship wise