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City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • Amazon Customer - it smells great & just a 1 good spay will last for ...

    Brings back my youth.. This is a young mans scent for sure.. don't get me wrong, it smells great & just a 1 good spay will last for about 5 to 6 hours very nice at least on my skin.. so trust me, really go easy on the trigger or people around you will find it overbearing and you wont like it either.

  • Ricky Reviews - Great Replacement Filter

    Got this to replace my currently Frigidaire water filter. The one that came with the fridge lasts for either 6 months or 1000 gallons of water. This one fits perfectly and snapped right into place. Just like any other water filter after letting it run through a few glasses of water and letting all the extra nasty stuff come out it looked crystal clear just like the previous filter. This is a much better alternative than getting a name brand water filter by getting it at about 1/3 of the price! I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion.

  • Nathan - Doesn't work for MAJOR oil leaks (DUH!)

    I purchased this to attempt to stop a major oil leak in my wife's 2004 Saturn Vue. It's a $125 gasket fix, but I halfway wanted to see if this $10 bottle of solution would fix the oil leak. If it didn't work, oh well!

  • this game is amazing. i like how you can get little pups. - Somethings wrong?

    When I play the game it seems as though I'm always in the water and I can't get out. The water makes everything lag and it's hard to play. I hope in a future update you fix this. Other than that it looks like a really fun game and I would totally play it if it wasn't for the water thing.

  • Sam Gotsis - Pretty good

    The video comes out fine. I like it quite a bit. The internal mic isn't the best, hence 4 stars. I've used camcorders with really good built in mics, and not having to voice over your videos is a big thing, depending on what you're filming. I make TWD scene re-enactments, and I have to voice over most of it. But the picture is good. Mic is alright. Good camcorder. Easy to use.

  • Amazon Customer - You get what you pay for

    This razor is a decent entry level model for someone who doesn't shave too often. The 3 circular shaving heads tend to cause more irritation and get stuck on hairs more than other electric razors do. That said, it does deliver a close shave. The trimming tool is weaker than on similar models. Overall, I would buy this if you don't shave often and don't want to spend much on something you do 2x/week. Any more than that, and I would consider spending more.

  • Jburger - Excellent product. My wife has used many products for ...

    Excellent product. My wife has used many products for the glass-top ranges and was skeptical about using this product. "I have used many of these products and none of them work well" said my wife. She changed her tune about this Shaklee she said it made cleaning the white glass top easy! A great product!!