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  • Msteph - Can sleep without it!

    Prior to discovering the sleepytime tea, it would take me at least an hour to fall asleep and even then, I'd wake up 2-3 times throughout the night. I didn't want to take any sleep medicine because I feel like its a little risky so I looked for a more natural remedy and this tea is it! I usually drink it 30 minutes-hour before bedtime and it relaxes me and once I lay down, I'm out within minutes and can usually sleep through the night. My only advice would to be careful of the amount of liquid you consume right before lights out otherwise you'll be waking up for other reasons. Like another user observed, drinking from a small cup will do.

  • Darcy - Wedderspoon Raw Organic Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+

    I've finished 3 bottles so far and am still deeply in love with the honey. It has become part of my morning routine, "eating" (literally as the texture is very thick and sticky) a full spoon of Manuka honey with a cup of warm water. My only complaint is that the price is of the high-end. I hope Wedderspoon will offer a bigger version with a more reasonable price.

  • Laurie Hearrell - One of our best purchases!!

    I have owned a full set of Cutco with the 8 steak knives for over 40 years. Yes, the exact same set I purchased 44 years ago! No replacements, no repairs. I keep them sharpened and spotlessly clean, and I use them every day for one thing or another. I have never been disappointed in these knives. We bought them from a college student who was going door to door. Pyramid scheme or not, they are really good knives.


    I never write reviews but felt like I had to add to already long list of disappointed users. I've been using this product for a about a month now and my skin is getting dryer and dryer. I've always had oily skin that I hated until now. After using this product my skin is dryer than ever, there is no moisture at all and on top of that its blotchy, irritated and pealing. I refused to give up right away thinking the reaction to the creams was temporary so I continued to use them. Some days the burning sensation post application is stronger than others. My face looks and feels good and moisturized immediately after the application however this feeling does not last long. Few hours later the dryness comes back - I just put cocoa butter (which is very greasy) on my face to tame the itchy feeling and my skin absorbed it in seconds. I miss my oily imperfect complexion. VERY DISAPPOINTED...

  • R. Cole - Good quality but runs large

    Quality is good. These run quite large though. At least a half size if not a full size. I am surprised because I already have a pair of of older Nike Flex and they are distinctly smaller.

  • D. White - Good Treadmill, Outstanding Customer Service.

    I bought this treadmill in 2009. Used it over the last 7 years, and have put above 2000 miles on it. Recently cracked the deck. Since it had a lifetime warranty on the deck, called Sole to see about getting it fixed. Expected the run around. Completely wrong in expecting that. A simple 5 minute phone call, and I had a new deck on the way. It arrived 2 days later.