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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • haganarrett - Many features and durable

    I wanted an item that provided me with multifunctions and didn't take away from me being able to perform activities. This product doesn't disappoint. I'm blown away by the features that it provides and can't stress the durability this product has. First off, the credit card and card holder is a nice addition. The fact that it can hold more than 1 is nice as many other phone cases are limited in that aspect. The functionality of this product also has the ability to have a kickstand making viewing notes and videos seamless. I absolutely love this product and can't think of another reason to get another. For what you are paying, you get many features and the durability to support active lifestyles.

  • OzarkGuru - Have used for a few years . . .

    ... but this year,I even filed in line via H$R Block and had my confirmation back from the IRS in an hour. Used to pay the Post office to mail and for a confirmation receipt. Loved the program but not for the faint at heart. You still need to get all your stuff together. This version also worked for our "small" businesses.

  • tlawson - So many uses!

    Lavender is probably the most popular essential oil, but I had yet to add any to my growing collection until I finally ordered this. The picture is a bit deceiving, although it shows 1 ounce when you look, the shape of the bottle itself suggests its a larger bottle. Not really a negative, but I think they should change the picture. I do love that it comes with a regular cap and a dropper lid, which I immediately switched out. Most anything you use oils for call for the amount to be in drops, so it makes much more sense to be able to dispense with a dropper. I just got this yesterday but have already added it to my coconut oil to use after my shower, diluted some further to rub on my 3 year old after her bath, and also made some whipped body butter with shea and coconut oil that is my new favorite. In hindsight, I should have ordered more than 1 ounce because I have a list of other things I want to do with this oil. Years ago I did not like the smell of lavender but its quickly becoming one of my favorites. Great product. I was given this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Mr. Gibbs - short handle, light-duty cleaning only

    I bought this to replace an old sponge mop. I hate mopping, so usually when I do it, my floors are quite a mess. I do regularly sweep, swiffer or vacum.