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  • Karen Bett - LOVELOVELOVE!!

    Rec'd a sample from ipsy, love the color and shine. Had recently read an article that women over 55 should wear lighter blush colors! Your product came at the perfect time. Thanks!!

  • Sheri L. Custer - GREAT Navage Nasal Irrigation System

    I really like the Navage Nasal Irrigation System. It is easy to use and oh my goodness does it bring the 'junk' out. I've had a sinus infection for over a year. I went to the specialist and was told I had MRSA. Believe it or not I do not have pain. They wanted to do surgery. They put me on antibiotics and was told to use a Nettie Pot. It helped some but the Nettie Pot just didn't clear it up. I saw this advertised on TV then checked it out on Amazon. What a difference, I'm using it every day (today is day 3) and I can breath and not hack out the 'junk' every hour. I'm so happy to finally have this unit. I would likely recommend this to EVERYONE.

  • A. Dickter - Great for Runners!

    As a runner, it's very important to get a treadmill that can withstand the constant pounding and the higher speeds. This treadmill is absolutely great for that. It has a 3.0hp motor that won't fail on you, and has some nice touches such as external speakers for CD player and iPods. It even comes with a wireless heart rate monitor, which can really come in handy. I do have to warn you though, the box is HUGE, and does takes up a lot of space. Setup was fairly simple, and included all of the proper parts and tools. Overall, this is a great treadmill with a ton of features to keep any runner happy. It even comes with a LIFETIME warranty on the motor and frame.

  • lmcpoodles - My FOREVER glue.

    There is NOTHING like Gorilla glue or tape. I have a swing arm lamp that was clamped to my wooden shelf. Someone tell me who designed

  • Cliff Hays - Very Powerful Email Program

    While Outlook 2010 may be a little daunting to a casual user due to its complexity, for business or power users it is this complexity which makes it so powerful. The amount of customization possible in this program (email processing rules, color/font themes, quick access toolbar, etc.) is amazing. For more control over your account I would recommend manual configuration to POP3 rather than allowing the auto-IMAP config.

  • GeneV. - User-friendly

    After using Turbotax for personal taxes for years, I finally took the plunge and tried the business program for my small business. So glad I did! I won't even mention the cost savings (less than 1/3rd the cost) over what I had been paying an accounting firm, this is just so much easier as well. No need to email my Quickbooks file to the accountant and then having to update the file with the new a/r, a/p, po's, etc. that I had stacked up while he had it, not to mention comparing both files to see what he had changed on it (yes, I'm the suspicious type). This also allows you to tweak certain things for the fiscal year, or cut an extra paycheck to yourself based on the tax situation....all fully legal stuff, but a business owner will know exactly what I'm talking about in terms of getting your taxes back from the accountant and then kicking themselves in the butt for not doing this or that before giving him the file.

  • Unknown - Borderline nightmare for young(er) children

    I have no musical talent whatsoever. I listen to music. I probably don't even tap my feet in the right beat.