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  • julie c stott - Had good luck with threelac in the past!! Third time around not so much.:(

    Hi, I don't usually add comments, but I spend a lot of time reading them. Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth. The first experience I had with candida was about 13-14 years ago. I had to take a broad spectrum antibiotic for a sinus infection, and that was the beginning or a 3 year nightmare with repeated dr. visits and repeated antibiotics. I won't get into to much detail about all my health issues and candida symptoms that I had, but there were to many to count and my life was awful. After feeling hopeless, not knowing what else to do, I went into wild oats one day to to see if the nutrition lady had any suggestions for me to try to restore my health. That was the first time I had heard the word candida. I realized that I had a severe overgrowth of systemic candida. She gave me a regimen of antifungals to take and showed me a a good candida book to read to learn how to heal my self. I think that lady saved my life. Doctors were of absolutely no help what so ever. I hadn't heard of threelac at the time but slowly healed myself through other supplements, probiotics, and a strict anti candida diet. With in six months I felt better than I had in years. I hadn't taken any more antibiotics up until about 8 years later. About 5 years ago I had to take antibiotics for an infected tooth, before getting a root canal. I was worried and took probiotics the whole time, but With in about a month I was slammed with another systemic candida infection. This time around, maybe because of being older, I really struggled with feeling better. Tha candida just didn't want to go away. I had heard about the threelac and out of desperation decided to buy some. If I remember right I purchased 3 boxes. I took 2 pacs a day for 2 months and 1 pac a day for 2 months, along with other supplements and probiotics. That seemed to do the trick. I have been fine for about 5 years. The reason I am reading all this stuff now is because for some reason I have had another candida set back. I think maybe just from not eating as healthy as I should have been, maybe stress from going back to college. Not sure what caused it this time. I have been fighting it for about 3 months. I feel like its getting better, but every time I let my guard down and eat a couple things I shouln't eat, I feel like crap again. Today is thanksgiving. I want to enjoy dinner, but I'm worried, so I will have to be extra careful not over do it. I am thinking about ordering the threelac again because I had good luck using it last time, 5 years ago. I have read all about the possible risks and bad side effects that some people have had with the threelac. I still am not sure what I'm going to do. I definitely understand why some people are worried about taking it. All I know is that 5 years ago I had good luck with it, but I was so desperate last time, that I was willing to try anything. Just one more thing. I do know that some times while your healing from candida it seems like your never going to recover, and then one day you suddenly realize that your finally feeling better. It just takes patience and determination. My only complaint about threelac is that its expensive. Good luck to every body struggling with candida.

  • Rodney J Warner - It's ok

    Kinda like the other reviews. It got most of the hair but I had to leave it on for the limit at 15. 15 minutes was almost too much, skin gets irritated like they say if you do, and I had to scrub to get the hairs off. Like you guess it works well for some, better for others, not as well for others b/c we are all difft.

  • mcas - Excellent product, but not enough of an improvement in my home

    This will be a bit of an odd review, in that I'm rating it favorably (4 stars) as it did work well, but ultimately ended up returning it. In hindsight, I think my current router situation simply did not leave enough room for improvement with the benefits of Orbi.

  • [email protected] - nice

    Has worked on most things. It did not hold on a ceramic baking lit, after cooking a meal in it the lid split again. It has worked well on other things we have used it on.

  • Trevor Vance - May cause feminine magnetism.

    This shoes are my new favorite. I have wore them once but the slew of women that mauled me because of how nice my shoes are put me in the hospital. But I can't wait until I get out and get my two leg casts off from the same hoard attack so continue to look like the flyest dude in town.

  • tashkins - Insightful, Helpful with lots of tips to achieve optimum results!

    I am about to take my test in a couple of weeks and feel very confidence due to this book. It is easy to follow and a great study guide. It is very insightful. It tells you exactly what each section is about and how to eliminate multiple choice answers. The tests at the back of the book is what the real test would be like. This is a very good book. I highly recommend it. I received this book at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, which I provided.

  • ibehere10 - Fabulous

    Unbelievably great product!! My tub and tile look amazing now . This kit was easy to use but you must do the prep work as laid out by the company!! No one can believe I resurfaced the tub and tile on my own. I did order and used two kits though. One kit will cover one regular sized tub so make sure you measure the area you are looking to resurface and order the correct number of kits. So it was 50 bucks for two kits, 20 for a can of paint to paint the rest of the bathroom, set of new towels and some decorations cost me about $150.00 ! Saved a great deal of money on this DIY adventure and couldn't be happier with the outcome!!