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  • The Old One - A products that does what it is supposed to.

    Purchased this to clean my concrete front porch prior to painting. It was easy to use and it did the job. Cleaned up all the stains and I was able to repaint the whole porch with no problems.

  • rick g - Works great

    After 2 weeks of use with routine brushing and flossing regularly, I was ready for a periodontal exam yesterday. Dr. said "whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it." The best she's seen of my gums in 3 years, and am no longer using the prescription stuff which stains my teeth! Taste is great powerful minty clean.

  • joey l - good ball

    I've been golfing for a long time and these are my go to ball for all my casual rounds. I'd much rather play these than something like maxfli

  • Chelsea K - I am familiar with PC and i would say this is great for someone who needs it for studious reasons

    I am an avid MAC user, I got this computer last MINUTE because i ruined the screen to my mac book air. the shipping, handling and packaged was fast and effective. I received it in two days ! i also ordered the protection and one year subscription to Windows which came in a day later. I am familiar with PC and i would say this is great for someone who needs it for studious reasons. I am a full time student and i would say this computer is modern and user friendly. the size is perfect and its very fast!

  • Christie - So far this soap is pretty great. It wasn't too drying for my skin ...

    So far this soap is pretty great. It wasn't too drying for my skin and it seems the soap will last me a while. The lather feels a bit thicker than regular bar soaps, but it could be the zinc. It doesn't seem to have any fragrance, none that I can detect. If it continues to work the same way, I'll repurchase it.

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    I'm so glad I tried this, it really works. I have lots of experience over many years with pet urine problems and have used everything else and have even replaced subfloors and carpet. I usually used Nature's Miracle, but when that combines with urine a new odor is created which in time became even more disgusting to my nose than the original urine on its own and I became sensitized to it. No matter how much I cleaned, it seemed I could still smell that, forever. Tried the Urine-Off, not available locally. It arrived literally the day after I ordered (and free shipping). The Urine-Off does have a scent of its own which is quite nice, light and clean smelling. When you apply it, the smell of the urine goes away completely (to your human nose) right away. I will say that I have only used it on reasonably fresh stains so far. (I won't know for some time if the cats can be fooled, I doubt it really, but at least I and my guests won't smell anything at all.) I'm using a bit of this in my carpet shampooer too, but only a bit as it does foam up.