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  • Susan K - Not Sure . . .

    Not sure how I feel about this book. Yes, it holds your attention, is far from boring and well written. I would read another book from this author. I just couldn't like one character in this book. Marco is a despicable person (don't want to say why because I don't want to spoil the story). Anne is a sociopath, she pretends she blacks out but doesn't. The police are useless as far as I am concerned. Its not one of those books you can't put down, but it does have a good plot. I highly recommend this book.

  • Shopgirl - Cannot believe it!

    Like others who have written here, I bought my Oro Gold products on vacation and paid a little too much. After negotiating, I bought the Deep Peel and the Deep Day Moisturizer for $100. The sales girl tried to get me to buy this whole set of stuff for $200, but I just didn't have the money. I have been using both for just over a week. I simply cannot believe the improvement. My deep forehead lines and slight crows feet are much softer, but what is really amazing is the appearance of my neck, facial veins, and upper lip. My neck and chest had over the past year suddenly started to look dramatically older and wrinkly. I thought there was no way to reverse the appearance of aging. Already, the difference is incredible. I am no longer self-conscious about those areas. I have to examine myself pretty hard to detect any sun damage. It is hard to believe that after just over a week, these products could do this. The sales girl said I would call her in two weeks and thank her. She was right! I also had a single deep crease extending upward from my upper lip. After using the peel, I was horrified to see two additional creases appear. I genuinely felt ill. I looked like one of Marge Simpson's sisters, and I don't smoke! Then, a day or two later the new creases had disappeared and eventually the first crease softened measurably, as well. I had been thinking about seeing a dermatologist about collagen injections because my upper lip bothered me so much. Now, that line is hardly there. Lipstick used to make it more apparent; now it completely conceals it. Finally, I have long been bothered by the appearance of tiny spider veins on each cheek. I was absolutely incredulous this morning when I realized they are virtually gone. The sales girl said the products affected veins, due to the gold, but I honestly didn't believe her. I am SO happy with these products! They have completely exceeded my expectations, in ways I totally did not expect! I am 49 and I have rosacea and I am just still in shock. I wish you luck!

  • I<3Amazon_Prime - Tender, healthy jerky alternative

    This is delicious! The description is pretty spot-on, with it being a combo of prosciutto and beef jerky. Very tender meat with a subtle flavor. I like knowing it's grass-fed meet, too. Smaller bag than what I anticipated, but comparable to regular jerky bags. I like that this seems to be a healthier jerky option.

  • robert a cummings - Love Fifa but this one...not so much

    Controls are choppy at best, they aren't nearly as responsive enough. The graphics are okay but game and/or tournament selection is not. In my humble opinion the 2010 iteration of Fifa World Cup is way better even the music. With the amount of memory and computing power available it's a shame they used a cartoony effect to depict the outside of the various stadiums rather than an actual photo. This was done superbly back in 2000. For some reason this game feels rushed as though they didn't have four years to put it together. Too bad because I was really looking forward to 2014 World Cup. So much so in fact, that I paid full price for it instead of waiting a few months for the price to drop as is my usual habit.

  • Tony R. Gill - IT WORKS.. PERIOD!!

    After being at the end of my rope and preparing my wallet for a massive dump for new cats (2007 Cadillac CTS, 119k miles) I stumbled across this product. I'm a skeptic so I researched and watched videos and read plenty of reviews. I still had the knot in my gut but with one last concept of hope I decided to try this product. My P0420 code was intermittent so I figured my cats were still working albeit the sluggishness now and then while the check engine light would come on. So I cave in with a last ditch attempt to save my wallet from imploding! With a little less than a 1/4 tank of gas, I purchased a bottle, dump it in the tank and drive until the gas light comes on (per instructions). I refuel and drive home, reset my engine code(clear) and cross toes and fingers. My car drives as if it's brand spanking new hands down. Power returned, sluggishness gone, no return check engine light..NOTHING!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Back to the Future - head turners and very comfortable!

    These are the coolest throwback shoes ever! Back to the Future - head turners and very comfortable!

  • shelly - So addicted

    OK I don't even know where to start with this product but man it man this is a must have for everyone. I have been a user of biotin for about 2 years now and I an so in love there is no way someone should ever give this a 1 star. This has made my hair soooo long, now I am African American and I have long thick hair but who wouldn't want longer hair??? So I started taking this and I have literally seen growth like crazy. I'm talking about 2 to 3inches which is a lot, if I could recommend one product for a female or male it will be biotin.