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  • platypusfriend - Nuclear Bright

    This flashlight produces an unnatural glow if used indoors, and shines further than you'd think, outdoors. On the lowest setting, it's bright to stare directly at; I decided not to risk it on the highest setting. It comes with a small, plastic diffuser cone that lights-up about as bright as a standard lightbulb when on the highest setting (meaning it's really bright if you stare directly at it). The flashlight is of good quality and not too large at all.

  • S. Venkateswaran - A good one

    I replaced the 5 yr old Kitchen Aid 1/2 HP noisy junk that leaked through the main sealing and spoiled my kitchen cabinet floor (have to replace it also) - Installed a Evolution Compact 3.4 HP one

  • jdinaz - Bed Head After Party Hair Cream

    Love this! Best deal yet! Love amazon, great deals. Easy to purchase and return if needed. This product makes my hair soft and silky just as it says, I have curly hair and I use before blowing and straightening and keeps the frizz away.

  • Crystal Angel - I expected this to work a little better then it did

    I expected this to work a little better then it did. My daughter has thick hair and even after putting chi and going through it more than a few times her hair was very puffy and frizzed. I think she needs something that has more heat.