Saude dos Cabelos - Saude dos Cabelos: Ajuda a ter um cabelo saudavel, bonito. Queda de cabelo, causas e tratamentos naturais. Conselhos. Cabeleireiros.

  • Chá verde para problemas de pele - Saude dos Cabelos - Chá verde previne doenças da pele como calvície, dermatites, hirsutismo e Candidíase. Estudos revelam vantagens da Camellia Sinensis.
  • Miconazol um potencial tratamento - Saude dos Cabelos - Micozanol tem evidenciado bons resultados contra a queda capilar e aumento do número de cabelos.

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  • Brianna_J - Great for UTI relief!

    This is my first review ever on Amazon because I want others to know that this product works! I was hesitant to spend $20 in-store on a bottle of vitamins, but I did because I felt a UTI coming on that morning and I was in a lot of pain. I did the research in the past about d-mannose and this is my first time buying a product with d-mannose in it. It worked like a charm. I was in lots of pain on Sunday, and now its Tuesday and I feel no pain and no urgency to "go". Highly reccomend this to women who are looking for a quick UTI relief/cure without the antibiotics.

  • Sandoval - Fast result!

    2 weeks ago, I started using the orogold eye serum and saw the results in just 5 or 6 days! This anti-aging product has impressed me! The skin on my eyelids has become tighter; the fine lines have been reduced. That's the result I was trying to achieve because I was keeping getting news wrinkles around the eyes. Another thing I like about this serum is that I have noticed a gradual disappearance of the dark circles I often have due to fatigue. I recommend this serum to everybody who has the same problems as I have!

  • Mirian - It works!!!

    I bought one to try it out and now i just bought the whole treatment. I drank half my body weight in oz of water, i went to the bathroom all day long. I didn't see the results after 45 minutes or even in the morning after i did it, but after 24 hrs. I took pictures of my belly before and after and i really couldn't believe my belly look flatter. I'm not a skinny person, i weight 140 and only 5 feet tall, i have 3 kids and my belly looks awful. I started working out the first of the year, my legs and arms were getting firm and tone but not my belly, it wasn't until the body applicator that i saw results. I don't sell these things, i have never heard of them until one day on instagram i ran into an advertisement and since i didn't want to buy the whole box i came here and bought one. I'm really happy to say it worked for me. I can't wait to get the new ones and see the results after one whole treatment.

  • [email protected] - Best Book for the International Medical Graduate

    This is the best place to start for the international medical graduate. I had no idea what the USMLE entailed and this book guides you through the daunting task of studying for Step One. The book is basically broken up into 3 parts. The first deals with format of the exam, the way questions are asked and basically all the stuff you're dying to know but no one can tell you. The second part is high-yield material which is likely to be tested. The third part is rating of other books you can use for review.

  • Kindle Customer - not much use on a Kindle

    Rick Steves is tops in my book but unfortunately in the Kindle format with no ability to turn to exactly what you need (such as a particular town), its not much use. For travel books its back to hard copy for me.