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  • John J. Mitchell - If you have a previous version, stay with it!!!!

    I downloaded the software. Took forever. took multiple times to get it to install properly. Prior to this upgrade, I was using Office 2010 and Lync 2013. Since the install, Lync 2013 is broken and no amount of reinstalls will get it working. Then, if you want an exersize in futility, try working with Microsoft (non)Support. My Scottish Terrier can do better. If I didn't need th Microsoft product for work, I would stay with my Apple/Mac set up.

  • Marc S. - I hate hate HATE the Yearly fee to use your own software....gave up on this product long ago.

    I do not like having to pay a yearly fee to use my own software. Slows down your computer and is a huge memory hog. I quit using it long ago. I use click and clean chrome extension, super anti spyware and malware bytes instead.

  • PAUL MCNEIL - You never know what's coming next

    I've been a fan of the Best American Nonrequired Reading series for a while, and this year is probably one of the most solid collections in the series. There is the usual grab bag of interesting and funny excerpts at the beginning, and articles and short stories after. There are a few that don't quite hit their mark, but some of it has stuck with me in the months since I read it. For example, "Casino" haunted me with its distillation of a parent's greatest fears, "Human Snowball" was full of serendipity, and "The Blind Faith of the One-Eyed Matador" shows human determination at its most impressive and foolhardy. My guess is, with this varied assortment, different readers will latch on to different pieces, but there's something for everyone. You never really know what will come next, and that's the fun of these collections.

  • FordChick73 - Finally! Intercourse while Aunt Flo is visiting! Priceless!

    Sorry if this is a little direct but yay.... I mean, I can FINALLY book cruises and vacations without worrying about what time of the month we're going.... let's face it, nothing sucks more than booking a romantic cruise and then have Aunt Flo come to visit a week early..... (That happens waaaay too often...)

  • worthyking - Increased stamina and post-workout recovery

    I can really feel the difference in stamina during workouts and, more importantly, in the speed of my post-workout recovery. Highly recommend this product!