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  • Amazon Customer - What a wonderful car seat

    What a wonderful car seat! We originally were looking at the Clek Foonf but decided to give this one a try considering the slightly cheaper price. It is very solid and sturdy. The materials appear to be of high quality. Yes, there is some assembly but once done, that is it. We have not yet had to adjust for weight so I can't comment on that. You do have to change the angle of the seat once your child is at a certain weight.

  • Jack Adams - Thanks

    I am 200 pounds and have a high tolerance. I got a wonderful job and needed to pass a drug test. I abstained for four days and passed with flying colors! It works! Thanks guys.

  • V. Williams - I found the perfect cup!!

    Just bought one of these from the grocery store for $3.99...and am going back for more! I am a French press user and am shocked at how great the coffee tastes...so much smoother than the press, plus it is unbelievably easy to clean. I use two tbsps of coffee, a couple of Splendas and fill a large mug until the grounds are covered with the water and then let it steep for four minutes. Love the results!! My husband and I both use the French press which I always wash before the next cup so it is a lot of work. I finished brewing my cup, took the Brew Buddy out and immediately turned the mesh inside out and ran it under running water and...voila! Easy and clean with no grounds sticking to it, and ready for the next cup! I found no need to let it dry before making the next cup, just go again. These are going to be given as gifts for sure!

  • Mark A Hicks - Works, but glue residue in the morning

    Well, they certainly work and that's very important. They help me sleep at night and I love them. The only thing is, get ready for a lot of glue residue on your nose in the morning. I follow the directions for removal, but the glue is still there. I wash it off as best and still have people at work asking me: 'What's on your face?"

  • Cole - Carrying on a great series

    This novel is a good continuation of the Badge of Honor series and while not the authors best (I live in hope for a new Corps novel) this is definitely an improvement to the last couple released and was an interesting addition to the series leaving it open to a next novel. I would not recommend this as a stand alone novel as you need to read the previous to get a full appreciation. If your are a fan of this author I would recommend reading this novel.

  • Diego Herrera Titeux - Beware!

    First off, I am not a sensitive skinned person. Having heard abour bare minerals, I was curious to try it. I had read some bad reviews from people, saying that they had got really bad acne from this product and in my case, this also happened. Not only that, I didn't really see a difference in my skin as far as coverage goes, I just got kind of glowy which is not what I want. Regarding acne, after the first day I started getting painful little pimples which freaked me out so I stopped using the foundation and the mineral veil. After I healed, I waited a while and tried again and once again I got the tiny pimples. I had to give myself deap cleansing facials for a couple of days to get back to my regular self. I tried again a couple of days ago and that was it, I have had it, this product is garbage. I don't know what the deal is with this thing or how it manages to get so many good reviews. There are a lot of good products on amazon which not many people bother to review, why do 300 people review bare minerals so well? Its sort of suspicious and it makes me wonder if people from the company get on here on several accounts and spend their time writting up these reviews to impress potential customers. My advice is, test it first, even if you think you don't have sensitive skin. I seriously wasted my money on this.

  • Bradley - Good product and I like the items in the product

    This is the first all in one product with single serving packets that I found that work for me. This product is easy to use and its already seperated out for you. I would have gave it five stars but the effects of the product seemed to be a little water weight but that is expected out of a building product like this. I like it for ease of use and its portable. I am not carrying 5 different powders or pill bottles with me. You still need a good protein supplement to go with this but its got you covered for the most part. I like it but I would try it out because everyones chemistry is different. Give it time though it took two canisters for me to start really seeing results.