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  • Cara - Firms and brightens

    I'm 23, so my goal with this eye cream is to prevent and protect from wrinkles. But I have very dark circles and heavy bags that I constantly try to combat with heavy concealers and eye brightening makeup. You can tell this eye cream is firming, and even somewhat brightens my dark circles after a few weeks of use. I'll definitely keep using it.

  • Laura A. Campbell - the box was a really nice fit, not too big or too small

    When my BOSSLED LED Grow Light 800W arrived, the box was a really nice fit, not too big or too small, the inner security foam wasn't that dreadful styrofoam, and it was package in a very safe and secure way, Its such an easy and nice fit that I'm keeping it just encase I ever would have to store my light when it is not in use.

  • Marla Woeckener - Disappointed

    I have used Microsoft Publisher for many years to basically make beautiful greeting cards. I use the photos I take as the cover for these cards. The reason I am disappointed in the new Publisher is because the card program that I have used for years seems to be gone from this updated version. Perhaps it is there and I just haven't found it.

  • QuincyFarm - Basic but useful book, FOR PC's.

    A helpful intro to QB that is easy to use as a reference, or to read straight through as an introduction. Note, though, if you're on a Mac: The Mac version of QB2012 is a crippled, feature-less step-child of the PC version. Most of the accounting world, including the author, run PCs. You'll read instruction to do something that simply doesn't exist on the Mac product. For the features where there's parity, there's little variance, but there are a number of features (ie, tracking depreciation of capital expenses, like a truck, building, or piece of equipment) that the Mac version simply doesn't do. Too bad for you, should have bought a PC.

  • Edward - It is a good book, but some ideas are quiet radical

    Shane reminded us that big pharm is a company to make profit but not to save people. I think some of the ideas raised by him may not be entirely reliable, but still worth to consider his advice. We cannot totally replace drugs, but certainly some natural products are very helpful. I think even big pharm may not cover the truth as some conspiracy theories suggested, but at least they will not advocate them to the public that there are alternatives. It is a good book, but some ideas are quiet radical, read with a critical mind and you will benefit from it.

  • Elizabeth - Best product on the market.

    Non-greasy and useful all year round. Ran out and tried another product. Nothing compares so I quickly ordered more. I love, love this face product.

  • Marie Jocke - Till death do they part?

    I am a huge fan of CD Reiss. I automatically one click every single book she writes. So I was very excited for Marriage Games. She has this ability to make words into music. They just...flow onto the page. I always find it difficult to review her books because I feel like I just don't give them the justice they deserve.