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  • David Lewis - Wish I had not upgraded

    I upgraded from a previous version of quickbooks pro (2011 I think), and wish I hadn't. There is really very little for improvement with this version and some serious steps backwards. Many of my regularly used sections now require additional keystrokes or mouse movements because of additional features I do not need. Unfortunately, Intuit feels the need to keep growing Quickbooks and bolting more "features" on, and ignoring that some users just want a simple, stable platform. Most recently, I am trying to resolve the new version crashing when entering a sales tax adjustment. I don't even bother calling Intuit anymore, it's a path to frustration.

  • Vic L. - Great business software

    Great software, great product. We have used Quickbooks for about 10 years now. We upgrade as we have to when new releases come out. It works great.

  • hawk007 - Bengal.. I believe

    Whatever they make just gets rid of things.. that is all I have to say about Bengal. Many years ago, I moved to Hammond Louisiana for a few years and was terrified to find X-large roaches all over apartment. I then moved to a new apartment and found same issue. At night, you could see 100's of them marching all over. One day at local super market, I almost was crying begging the manager if there was anything that could fix the issue. Luckily, an air-force officer heard the conversation and told me to go to a local place that made and sold Bengal. He told me this is what air-force uses and nothing else works. I stopped by the place which was across the street and bought two can for $25 and it was guaranteed to work or bring empty can and get full refund. Per recommended, I sprayed around the baseline of walls and cabinets a small amount. Left the place and came back to find 100's of dead roaches all over and never saw another one for few years we lived there.

  • Amazon Customer - I got the latest version of Street Atlas available as ...

    I got the latest version of Street Atlas available as a Conversion to Windows 10 negated version 8. Well version 2015 doesn't install either. I haven't contacted Delorme yet to see if there is any correction available. So for the moment ,its useless

  • Lily Ann - Perfect Item. Used this for my Wacom Cintiq 27QHD ...

    Perfect Item. Used this for my Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch to attach to the LX Ergotron Arm. Fit perfectly. Appreciate the recess/offset middle to accommodate for longer screws. Great buy.

  • MomMoore - Clean. Bright. Smooth. Love this Facial Cleanser.

    I have been using this Vitamin C face cleanser for several days now and have to share my love for this beauty product. I wash my face morning and night. Often, my face ends up dry from washing it twice a day, but if I do not wash it twice a day then my forehead becomes oily by the end of the day. I am definitely a combination skin type. Since I have been using this facial cleanser, my face is not dry or oily. Rather, my face feels very smooth after using the facial cleanser and remains smooth the entire day. I have also noticed that my skin complexion is brighter along with being more smooth. I typically use products for sensitive skin because I am prone to breakouts with products that use dyes or perfumes. This product is gentle on my skin and has caused no irritations. This facial cleanser also has a refreshing smell that is not overpowering and also has not caused any skin irritations. I was able to purchase this product at a discounted price. I am very pleased with how clean my skin feels after using it, the balance it is providing in that my face is not drying out and not oily by the end of the day, I have had no breakouts or irritations with using it since it is truly a mild and gently facial cleanser, and the brightness I have noticed in my complexion since using the cleanser is remarkable. I highly recommend giving this facial cleanser a try. I love nothing more than a good beauty product at a reasonable price.