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  • Katie Hooton - I am OBSESSED with this awesome water bottle! It's amazing!

    I am OBSESSED with this water bottle!! If I could give it 10 stars I would! I have a serious problem with being able to keep myself drinking enough water in a day. I have a tendency to lean more towards sugary soda (BAD habit I know, I know) so when I saw this bottle I knew I had to try it out. I had heard of fruit infusion water bottles, but had never tried one. I would give it 10 stars for the way it looks with the fruit in it alone! It looks so appetizing and fresh and refreshing that I just can't resist drinking the water! The parts of the bottle are solid and the plastic is pretty heavy duty- I was pleasantly surprised. I especially love the little metal hook over the button to open the lid, it gives it an extra layer of protection against any water leaking out. It works too. I threw the bottle in my bag as I was running out the door and no water leaked out. Then I dropped it on my floorboard while reaching for something and when I arrived at work- still no leaking! It seriously took a beating too! All of the parts to the bottle- the lid, the little cage for the fruit, the little cage's lid and the bottle itself- come apart really easily for cleaning or to add new fruit. The one teeny tiny little issue I have with the bottle is that the spout for drinking is in the middle of the top so it makes it a little hard to get that last drop of water out and your chin kinda bumps the edge when sipping- no big deal either way. The good WAY outshines the bad in this case. I've loved trying new flavors. So far, I've only used frozen fruit like strawberries, blueberries, mangos, pineapple, etc. because here fresh fruit is kinda expensive this time of year. The frozen fruit has worked great and I plan on buying some samplings of fresh fruit to try as soon as I can get to the store. So many possibilities! I LOVE this water bottle!

  • dawn adams - Great cream

    Purchased this product to head off wrinkles as early as possible. This product is very good, bottle is nice, because they put a pump on it instead of you having to put your fingers directly into the cream . The texture of this cream is thick and somewhat fluffy. It does not leave your face feeling sticky. So this is a good anti wrinkle cream that you can use under makeup and a little goes a long way. A half of a pump did my entire face and neck area. I would also recommend this to a family member or friend!

  • ahornATX - I'm a diabetic, people buy me these a lot

    Wow, they don't make my blood sugar go up at all. Pretty sure it's because any food currently contained in my stomach is instantly liquefied, then pressurized to several thousand psi, blown out the backside with never a chance to be digested. I'm surprised these are even legal. No...you can't have those trans fats/carbs/gluten....here take this thing that tastes great but literally turns you into a human super-soaker.

  • Booked Every Night - A Sweet Slow Build

    This book is a slow sweet build with just the right amount of angst and the perfect touch of drama. R.S. Grey is a newer author to me but I have loved everything I have read of hers.

  • Randall Everett - Glad to have one!

    I've been involved with consumer/professional electronics, computers/IT for for over 30 years. In those 30 plus years few things have caught my attention the way way this device has. I've had one for about a month now and I am truly impressed. If you want a fully functional computer and a great multimedia device this is what you are looking for. Not much bigger than a typical men's wallet. I've connected it to a 7" monitor on up to 65" TV. Works great. The few negative reports found here do not make sense. I would chalk them up to pilot ignorance/error. I have and will continue to recommend this device to anyone with a decent Internet connection. Recommend Logitech K400r from Amazon to complete the order. Take time to tinker with the interface, especially the settings section. It's very intuitive if you have an Android device. If not, it's very simple to learn. Enjoy.

  • Liz Atkinson - Disappointed and out $200

    I've only had this stroller for 6 months and it's falling apart. Cheaply made and costs a fortune. Buy a cheap umbrella stroller, it will be the same if not better quality than this one. You are paying for the name, that's it!

  • iraqvetx7 - I wish I would have found this sooner.

    The best stuff on the market. Apply once in the morning and once before bed. Maybe once in the middle of the day if you are active (gym, outside, etc.).