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  • Barmacher - Great Product!

    Easy to install, great product, my husband loves it! Fits his 2012 Toyota Tacoma perfect. Very sturdy. The combination lock is well built.

  • ZeldaBarbie99 - Love love love

    I found my planner soul-mate, this planner is amazing. Great paper quality, bright colors, easy to use layout, and of course awesome coloring pages for each week.

  • ElaineD - Great tasting product that's easy to make.

    Compact size and sturdy construction along with a delicious product...what could be better? Also comes with storage container for either freezing the bananas or the finished product, and a Yonana Pop maker (can make four frozen pops for enjoying later). it was a good price, better than that of its competition, and it's very easy to dismantle for cleaning. Comes with an easy to understand user guide and recipe booklet, too.

  • Mrs Biro - It works

    We've done many a cleanse and this by far is most effective for my family. It is gentle but works. Really kicks in after day 2, so might want to start on a Thursday. I am definitely buying this product again.

  • Michael Purcell - Worst Card Studio Yet!

    I had Hallmark Card Studio 2010 and it was BAD. This is worse, MUCH worse. I could get 2010 to at least print from one computer in the house, the other two crash the instant you try to print. This version will not satisfactorily print from ANY computer, it won't crash but it whatever it prints is so messed up it's useless. For example, I go though a paper wasting printer setup every time I start the program, then no matter what size or orientation I chose it prints the first page right justified, even though I told it the printer centers the paper, so I thought I could fool it and use the cassette feed and place the card at the right where it wanted to print.... Well, it worked for the outside page, but of course centered the inside or page two. Figures! I have wasted the value of the program in ink, card stock and then paper and never, not once got a card that was aligned properly. This is the worst POS I have ever installed on a computer in over 30 years as a techie. I love the cards but the last three versions have gotten progressively worse and is now so bad as to be so useless that I am actually giving up on it and I can't think of another piece of software I have ever done that with. EVER.

  • Ariel Valerie - great service and protection than you

    A real computer geek referred me to your services so I knew I was onto something. So glad I found much better than the others and it doesn't mess up my computer w/my cable service, what a relief at last

  • Lostviking - not perfect. I would advise you to purchase this one ...

    The product is OK, not perfect. I would advise you to purchase this one over a much more expensive cover. It is not a direct fit, and is slightly large. I don't see that as a negative. There are three retaining straps you can use, and it comes with both the cable and lock to secure it.