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  • jtreibs - Five Stars

    Great science magazine for the mainstream. Not super technical and interesting articles. Wide variety of subjects.

  • Yet Another Amazon Customer - disappointed.

    I've already played Flow Free and Flow Free Bridges... including all of the bonus packs. I don't know if being good at those games made this one far too simple, or if the reason the levels seem so easy is that there are now six directions you can go instead of four. I would have thought the extra directions you can go would have made it more difficult, but for me, this game just seems simple... beyond simple, to the point of being boring. It's ok to play to waste some time when you don't have time for a more time consuming game... and while you're waiting for the next daily puzzles to be released... but otherwise, it's not one I'll spend a lot of time playing.

  • christina - it really works

    I been using Lipozene for two months now and lost 25 lbs ,In the first week I started losing weight,and I didnt have to change anything ,I would tell people to get this product

  • Emmy Bos - Great start kit for EO newbies like me

    These oils are high quality and smell very good. For a whole two weeks I was using lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint when I slept. The only complaint I have about this is the bottles don't last very long. It's ok because it was my first EO set and I went out and bought full size bottles after "sampling" these.

  • Foxymoron - Lots of fun!

    This game is not an easy one to play. It's as realistic as a hunting game can be with awesome graphics. The game was shipped quickly as well. Reasonable price, quality product, and fast shipping makes me a happy camper.

  • Tami - My all time favorite show, that I am hooked on.

    This is my favorite show. I love it and I can't stopping watching it. They show very good stories, it's integrating, and edge o your seat thrilling. Can't wait to see the next episode.

  • Jessica Cruz - Great Scrub

    I have sensitive skin and many products can irritate my skin. This did not cause any issue with my sensitivity. This was a great product; the smell of coconut gave me an uplifting feeling each morning. I do have a fondness of the smell of coconut so I might be a bit bias. A nice cleansing feeling the abrasive scrub gave, made my skin feel rejuvenated and nicely exfoliated. With all the natural oils it seemed to help hydrate my skin with little residue left behind. I enjoyed this product very much I am going to have to buy more. And I’ll have to buy an extra one because my mom keeps trying to steal my jar. I received a small discount when I purchased this product. I am not required to give a good review or 5 star ratings. If I experience any type of problem, including shipping or packaging, I will include it in my review which will help you make a better and more knowledgeable buying decision. Please vote 'Helpful' if you found this review Helpful. Thank you!