Congestive Heart Failure Facts & Prevention - Discover the best ways to avoid and reverse the deadly symptoms of heart failure naturally without drugs or surgery.

  • How To Avoid Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms - Get the CHF facts on causes, stages, natural treatments & diets to avoid a deadly heart attack or stroke.
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  • Stacy A. Schwartz - Weather Tech mats are the best

    I had been waiting for. Weather tech to make mats to fit my car. They are worth every penny. They really protect your car, and are easy to clean. So happy with my purchase!

  • Laurdess Valentino - After Party

    I have been using this stuff for about 10 years now. This is one product that I hope to God never stops being made. Not only does it smell awesome (to me) but it makes my hair feel so soft and smooth. I have very thick hair, and I have colored it as long as I can remember. SO if I left it alone and blow dried it (and that was it), its not overly frizzy but just enough to look like it might be damaged. When I use after party on it, I use it much differently then it says on the directions, I put a half squirt in my hair while its wet then dry it. I know my hair so overly dry and doing this on a normal head of hair might make it look and feel greasy. However its perfect for me. I then flat iron it and it will last and look awesome for three days. After 3 days of not washing it, my hair looks disgusting no matter what product is in it. And when I say looks awesome I mean like Jennifer Aniston's hair awesome. Its shiny and smooth. I do attribute it all to Bed head after party because it never looks awesome when I don't use it.

  • Troy Agler - Disappointed

    Technically nothing wrong with this helmet. For the price, however, I would expect to receive a well made, light, aerodynamic product, made specifically for an advanced rider. First, the helmet itself did not seem well made. It had flashing all over the place, and seemed kind of flimsy overall. It was very light. In terms of fit, it was awful. It looked like a big mushroom on my head and the strapping was cumbersome and uncomfortable. I returned this product and ordered a Rudy Project Windmax for the same price from a different vendor. Absolutely love the fit and the advanced features (strapping, bug webbing, etc.) of the Rudy Project helmet.